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Late Night PB Theatre: The Who

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The Who as we’d like to remember them. Not whatever it was we saw during the Super Bowl:

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Sarah Palin is a fucking retard

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Rahm Emanuel calls liberal groups “fucking retards” and Sarah Palin wants him fired. Rush Limbaugh calls same groups “retards” (he can’t say fuck on the radio like Howard can) and Sarah at first calls it “crude and demeaning” only to later defend Rush by agreeing with him and calling it “satire” and claiming the source of the crude and demeaning quote got it wrong.

This is, of course, not really news. We’ve long known Sarah is a vapid, hypocritical, fake ass bitch. Now we know she’s also a fucking retard who employs double standard like Rush […]

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Sounds like some supporters want him to do just that:

If John Kasich succeeds in abolishing the state income tax, maybe we could just shut down the whole Ohio state government. That way the Democrats wouldn?t have anything to take over, and they?d be out of our lives forever.

No word from the Kasich camp whether such a “burn it down so you can’t have it” plan exists.

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Andrew Sullivan is on quite a tear over Sarah Palin’s Tea Party appearance last night. ?I didn’t get to see the whole thing – I channel flipped between Palin and the Cavs, who were in the process of blowing a massive lead at home to the Knicks – Lebron, of course, pulled it out. ?What I did see of Palin last night convinces me of my Grand Theory of All Things Palin, which is the following.

Sarah Palin is nothing but an attention whore, and yes, I use that word on purpose. ?Palin has gotten where she is by being […]

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I just came across this classic Ken Blackwell interview with Michelangelo Signorile back from the Republican convention. It really makes me nostalgic for the good old days of the 2006 Ohio Gubernatorial race…

MS: Well, here’s what you said, “Homosexuality is a lifestyle. It’s a choice. And that lifestyle can be changed. It’s a transgression against God’s law.” And you compared it to arsonists and kleptomaniacs, that those things were criminal activities…a compulsion, right?

KB: No. What I said is that, in that regard, you can choose, people choose to be who they are, as they choose to break […]

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