If this keeps up, Jennifer will have plenty of money. ?We’re getting close to one rec’d diary a week.

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  • sam

    Tim, she filed with $60,000.00 on hand. Lee Fisher has $1,800,000.00

    How can you possibily suggest her fundraising is fine? There are probably county council candidates in Cuyahoga County who have more cash on hand than she does.

  • Anonymous

    Those who continue to make simplistic fundraising comparisons with other candidates, (thus sending the false message that she's a less qualified/ attractive candidate,) fail to make the necessary distinction that Brunner runs for this important statewide position without party annointment, meaning that many potentially large Dem donors have been told to stay away, to stay in party lockstep, and thus, donate only to Fisher for the may Primary election.
    Also possibly, just because she has shown herself to be such formidable opponent to Portman in November,(she, capable, issue-based, listening to grass roots) some Repubs might also be presently getting in the Fisher act prior to the May primary, to avoid the very likely, very difficult November battle she'd present.
    If Brunner can hang on through the primary, all things being equal/no really “dirty tricks” pulled, she is the more likey to win in May. Then watch the then-loosened Dem funds pour to her.

  • sam

    I didn't suggest that she was not an attractive candidate. I suggested that Tim's statement that she will have “plenty of money” isn't true. he has been posting here everytime there has been a recommended diary over there, taking credit for it usually suggesting a spike in donations.

    Whether she is a credible candidate or not, $60,000 for a united states senate race is not a credible fundraising figure

  • adrienne

    That was so awesome yesterday. Was glad that I got to participate some. This is the first diary on JB's behalf that got serious readership on dk.

  • adrienne

    Hey guys,
    JB is on dk this morning. Looks like she has made the rec list. You may want to refer to her post here.

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