I don’t think you have to be an expert to interpret this chart below. George W. Bush got us in a mess Barack Obama is digging us out of:

So, sure. Let’s debate jobs.

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  • mvirenicus

    if we tally all those graph numbers from the start of this recession we'd see something like 8.4 million lost jobs while the root cause of the problem is never addressed except by throwing billions of public dollars at it: capitalism. we live in a country of socialized losses and privatized gains. the rich get richer and the poor poorer. the mythical “middle class” doesn't exist. these problems are never addressed by either party or the msm. what's it gonna take to address the root problem, a revolution? looks like it.

  • tudorman

    How much of the improvement is due to the fact that people are dropping out of the workforce entirely because they can't find work, or had to settle for part-time? I don't know the answer, by my suspicion is that an increasing number of people have simply given up looking for a job, and therefore are no longer counted as part of the workforce. This would cause the unemployment rate to fall even though total employment does not increase. I spent a few minutes looking for that number (total employment month-to-month) but no luck.

    If the employment situation is truly improving, then I'd think income tax receipts would also improve. We shall see…

  • mvirenicus

    rich people aren't creating jobs because they're spending all their money on child porn. it's true. i read it at huffpo. but i didn't need huffpo to know that rich people need to be eaten.

  • Nifty Lawrence

    Another reason to be skeptical of any jobs data from that past, oh, 30 years or so — what percentage of these jobs people are getting pay significantly less than their previous job(s)?

  • tudorman

    So that explains the bump in service sector employment.

  • There are several ways to look at data and make sense out of it. One thing clear from this graph is that Republicans and the Bush Administration is responsible for driving things downward while the Obama Administration is responsible for improving it. That much is clear.

  • mvirenicus

    yeah, cooks and wait staff are desperately needed.

  • adrienne

    Hey E,
    Where did you get the graph? I am looking for this kind of stuff so I can do research on behalf of JB.

  • Houae Dems put it together. See http://www.speaker.gov/

  • adrienne

    Hey Guys,
    BWD on dk has an excellent diary posted yesterday. It makes a more complete argument about the economy for the last ~30 years. It also has pictures of Bo playing in the snow and very cool pic's of the WH as usual. U can also make the argument about turning ourselves into California (can't get anything done) or Texas where small towns have to commit highway robbery to make to pay for local services but their “state income tax” is lower than ours. Of course they also have the benefit of having a real captive industry (oil/gas) so that can make up for some of it.
    Don't belive me, look at CNN. They have covered stories about the “Texas highway police robberies”. I think Gary Tuchman (sic) has covered the story.

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