From the daily archives: Friday, February 5, 2010

I don’t think you have to be an expert to interpret this chart below. George W. Bush got us in a mess Barack Obama is digging us out of:

So, sure. Let’s debate jobs.

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Some readers have asked for an update on the incessant blowing fan saga regarding my relatively new MacBook Pro. ?Last week, I took it to the Apple store. ?The fan was totally freaking out, the laptop was overheating as a result, and I was close to panic. ?So I did a week’s worth of work ahead of time so I could be without the laptop while it was repaired.

And boy, did it need repair. ?The problem? ?It had taken in so much dust in the 15 or so months I’ve had it, the fans gunked up to the […]

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Bill Sloat at the Daily Bellweather suggests yes.

Here’s the operative paragraphs:

John Kasich acquired 10 acres of land in one of Ohio’s fastest growing counties in April 1996 for less than courthouse property tax records show the land was worth. Delaware County appraised the property at an average of $17,250 per acre, but after Kasich bought it the land value dropped to $10,500 per acre. In other words, the tax value of the 10 acres fell from $172,500 to $105,000.

Other records in the courthouse seem to indicate that Kasich purchased the property out of an […]

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