John Kasich has been on a tear lately…. a tear of endorsing Governor Strickland’s plan to Turnaround Ohio:

Starting at the 6:18 mark:

Kasich: “Now, Larry, at the same time, we talk about: how do you transition? In manufacturing, go up the value chain, you know, make parts for alternative energy, go into avontics and make parts for advanced aircraft.? You know, there’s still a chance to make cars, but you just can’t rely on auto parts.? You think about technology, our workers out here are good people, they’re smart people, we’ve got a great university system, we can get people from Silicon Valley to come here, but we have to improve the atmosphere in our State….”

I’ll agree with Keeling on this, the plan Kasich just described is a “homerun.”? Only problem is that it’s Governor Strickland’s Turnaround Ohio plan.

You know who’s done a lot on promoting the manufacturing of alternative energy technologies in Ohio, John?? Ted Strickland.?

You know whose Administration created that great University System in Ohio?? Ted Strickland (and Chancellor Eric Fingerhut).

You know whose Administration already has done regulatory reform and got rid of thousands of overly burdensome and unproductive government regulations?? Yep, Ted Strickland.

Ted Strickland has enacted job-creation tax credits, he’s ushered in a reform of our corporate tax rates, cut our personal income tax rates by double-digits and now about of expensive makeup and hair and private jet tours through Ohio is going to help John Kasich avoid that reality.

(BTW, at no time did John Kasich mention once his tax repeals… in an interview billed as “Kasich on Taxes.”? He falsely said our budgets haven’t been balanced, when they are REQUIRED to be balanced.? He claims Governor Strickland raised taxes… when he’s lowered them.? So, not only is John Kasich running to the national media claiming a plan that is actually the Governor’s record, he’s then lying about the record.)

And I admit, I misjudged the extent John Kasich would try to co-opt Governor Strickland’s record as his own.? I should have realized that when I didn’t see Jon Keeling writing post after post, Tweet after Tweet, condemning the Third Frontier, it meant that Kasich was going to sign onto it.

After all, John Kasich has wowed the Tea Party crowds throughout Ohio with his conservative populist message as being against “corporate welfare,” so much he claimed that he was a Tea Bagger First, a Republican second.

Except the Dayton Daily News reported this morning that the Kasich campaing has endorsed the compromise on Third Frontier worked out between Governor Strickland, the House Democrats, and the Senate Republican leaderships.

So, imagine the gall of Kasich when despite all this, he tries to pivot before the general election and claim that Governor Strickland has no plan to Turnaround Ohio.

Excuse me a minute, I’m sorry Mary Taylor has something she wants to say in response to concerns that Kasich-Taylor have no plans:

?[T]hey?re talking about a plan that doesn?t currently exist,? Taylor said.

Mary Taylor is right.? It’s hard to criticize someone if they don’t have anything original to say…