Jon Keeling is making it hard for me to ignore him, he’s just too funny.? In response to yesterday’s Plain Dealer report that John Kasich refuses to take questions from the Ohio media, Keeling demurs that it’s because John Kasich is a social media ninja… like Barack Obama:

These paragraphs highlighted the Obama campaign’s brilliant tactic of utilizing youtube to bypass the media and speak directly to the voters. It enabled the public to hear the campaign’s message unfiltered and without any threat of media bias. And ultimately, it helped shape the message the media communicated via their own mediums.

So how’s John Kasich’s Youtube channel doing?

Not well.? I alone (excluding Tim, Eric, Bryan, Joseph, and Amber) get better traffic than Kasich’s videos regularly get.? Tim’s rants against Apple and AT&T are getting better voter penetration that John Kasich’s web addresses.

Hell, this video has gotten more circulation than Kasich’s State of the State response:

Make the Puppy Governor!? He’s a social media ninja!? Screw that, I’m voting Cat!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

After all, nothing is more likely to go viral on Youtube than a middle aged, white politician being filmed in an empty all white room screaming about economic “death spirals.”?? People watched Barack Obama talk about hope; Kasich only offers despair and ideological platitudes like… tort reform.? Screw that… let’s see more puppies and kitties!

And here’s the sad part, it’s no coincidence that the only Kasich campaign video we’ve embedded on our site just happens to be one of, if not the, most viewed video on Kasich’s YouTube Channel.? That means of the few thousand of people who viewed it (which is, I bet, still substantially less than the people who read Mark Naymik’s coverage on the PD‘s website alone) at least 1/3 of those people were Plunderbund readers who… I can assume… was not the Kasich’s campaign intended audience.

Three times as many people watched Kasich’s teaser for his recent web House Party (over 1,000 views) than… actually watched the House Party (300 views).? And you know that the Strickland campaign and ODP and other Democrats like myself are part of that viewership.

You want to know the real reason John Kasich doesn’t take questions?? Tell them Mary Taylor:

?[T]hey?re talking about a plan that doesn?t currently exist,? Taylor said.

Mary’s right.? John Kasich doesn’t take questions because he doesn’t have any answers.

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