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PB Late Night Moment of Zen

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Here it is. Your moment of Zen:

It’s actually called FCINO (Fiscal Conservative in Name Only), but it’s been dubbed “Demon Sheep”. The funniest thing is, they promise more of this! Joy!

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Jon Keeling is making it hard for me to ignore him, he’s just too funny.? In response to yesterday’s Plain Dealer report that John Kasich refuses to take questions from the Ohio media, Keeling demurs that it’s because John Kasich is a social media ninja… like Barack Obama:

These paragraphs highlighted the Obama campaign’s brilliant tactic of utilizing youtube to bypass the media and speak directly to the voters. It enabled the public to hear the campaign’s message unfiltered and without any threat of media bias. And ultimately, it helped shape the message the media communicated […]

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John Kasich has been on a tear lately…. a tear of endorsing Governor Strickland’s plan to Turnaround Ohio:

Starting at the 6:18 mark:

Kasich: “Now, Larry, at the same time, we talk about: how do you transition? In manufacturing, go up the value chain, you know, make parts for alternative energy, go into avontics and make parts for advanced aircraft.? You know, there’s still a chance to make cars, but you just can’t rely on auto parts.? You think about technology, our workers out here are good people, they’re smart people, we’ve got a great university system, we can […]

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ODP invited us bloggers to join Chris Redfern on a conference call this afternoon, which is awesome. ?I feel a detente of sorts beginning to thaw across the ODP-blogger landscape, largely because of how this primary season is shaping up. ?That’s great news for the fall.

I’m not sure why there isn’t more of this type of outreach, other than an old, tired, and now cliche insistence on continuing an arms length relationship between bloggers and ODP. ?Primaries tend to exacerbate that arms length relationship. ?Which brings me to my question for Chris Redfern on today’s call.

Will ODP, Redfern, […]

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