In May, Ohio voters will be asked to approve a $700 million bond expansion for the Third Frontier.  It is yet another major bipartisan victory for the Strickland Administration.

But unlike the tax freeze, the Senate Republicans are going to have to supply more than just five nominal votes.  This ballot issue will pass with widespread bipartisan support.

The plan is far more than what the Senate Republicans passed, but it uses the money quicker than the timetable called for by the version passed by the House Democrats.  It’s the best of both worlds.  $700 million for job creation to be spent over four years, and it’ll go to the voters in May.

And I bet the farm John Kasich will come out against it.  He has to because Governor Strickland supports it and is going to get a lot of credit for getting this bipartisan agreement worked out in time to get this on the ballot in time for May.  (Meanwhile, Kasich’s definition of “bipartisanship” is shutting down the government when you don’t get your way, and then being forced into a compromise where you still don’t get your way, but you declare victory nonetheless.)  Governor Strickland is going to be able to run on a record of bipartisanship that Kasich cannot counter.

Here’s the comment from the Governor today on the bipartisan compromise on Third Frontier:

?All sides can be proud of this bipartisan agreement to place a renewal of the Ohio Third Frontier before voters in May.  Third Frontier was created with the support of Ohioans in 2002 and has since created more than 48,000 jobs through its investments in high-growth industries.

?The overwhelming bipartisan support from the legislature is a strong validation of the most successful economic development and job-creating program in Ohio.  I appreciate Ohio?s business, higher education and labor leaders for supporting Third Frontier and for their unwavering belief in Ohio.  They know that our best days are ahead of us, not behind us.  Renewing Third Frontier is a central part of Ohio?s plan to build a foundation for long-term economic progress.  I will encourage Ohioans to support this proven program at every opportunity.?

The same people who used gay marriage in 2004 for voter turnout will cynically snipe that this is about helping the Governor, except the vote is being held in May, not November.  And the average voter will see this as helping them, not the Governor.

John Kasich is going to come out against $700 million for jobs because he knows that if it passes, it helps not just Ohio, but Strickland, politically.  He’ll oppose it because it hurts his campaign.  Pure and simple.  He has no choice.

He’ll oppose $700 million in job creation over four years and offer instead a vague, even more expensive tax plan that already Kasich has said can’t be done in ten years and is actually unlikely to create any jobs. (More on that later.)

Write the date and time you read this post and just wait to see what Kasich and his supporters do and when.  They’re going to oppose passing $700 millions for jobs in May, and then try to run in November on jobs. 

And they … are…. screwed.

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