First, the Dayton Daily News (Kasich tax plan looks more like one more problem for Ohio):

Rep. John Adams, of Sidney (not to be confused with state Rep. Richard Adams, of Miami County) insists that his 10-year plan will actually increase government revenues.

You know the argument he makes: ?When the people we chase out of the state (under current tax laws) decide to stay, they will create jobs. The tax base will expand. That?s the way it works in every scenario.?

That, of course, is why Ohio is now rolling in revenue, having adopted a gradual cut in income taxes in 2005.

That?s sarcasm. The 2005 act has not worked any miracles, has it?

Truth is, in Ohio, the property tax ? not the income tax ? generates the most complaints. Calls for change in income taxes come not so much from the public as from ideological warriors, from conservative movement people who have a one-size-fits-all agenda for every state.

And the truth is that no repeal of the income tax can be done without raising the property taxes.   Heck, you could almost pay for it entirely if the State implemented a State property tax… of course, it would have to double your existing property tax, but it would pay for it.

Then, there’s this item from Cleveland Scene which sounds almost like it was written by yours truly.

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