We have our first earthquake in the US Senate primary. ?Lee Fisher’s campaign manager, Geri Prado, is out, 3 months before the election, before Lee even files. ?Anthony is reporting she was pushed out. ?Naymik has it. ?The question is – what the hell is going on?

One of two things. ?Either Lee is unhappy with his campaign, and fired Prado, or Prado is unhappy with Lee, and got the hell outta there. ?I suppose those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. ?Working for Lee Fisher is one of the most self-abusive gigs in all of politics. ?But no matter the reason, turmoil at this level in a US Senate campaign, 3 months out, before the candidate even files, is a sign of a campaign tanking.

Lee’s campaign from day one has been one laughable moment after another. ?Let’s all have another laugh together!

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