Which must make Jennifer Brunner’s campaign jump for joy. ?Here’s Anthony’s take on the firing of Geri Prado.

Furthermore, the move was less about the primary and more about the larger picture, specifically focusing more energy, focus, and resources to a battle with Rob Portman in the fall. There will be skeptics who claim Fisher is worried that Brunner is polling too close and the move of Prado to Howser is out of panic that the race is slipping away. I’m not sure I agree with that interpretation, only because I don’t think Team Fisher is overly concerned about Brunner at this point.

Here’s how I think this Geri Prado thing went down. ?Lee told Prado he wanted to focus on Portman, we’re losing ground to Portman, not raising enough money, blah blah blah. ?Prado told Lee, dude, you have a primary on May 5 against Jennifer Brunner. ?Lee showed Prado the door. ?Prado happily walked through it, knowing that if Lee is this deluded, he’s a dead man walking anyway.

What planet is Lee Fisher on? ?There is plenty of polling showing Lee has a race, there may even be polling showing Lee behind Brunner. ?Jennifer Brunner filed weeks ago, Lee has yet to file. ?ODP is not going to endorse. ?The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party didn’t endorse, Lee’s own home county party. ?Brunner’s field operation is running across the state, and Lee doesn’t even have a field operation. ?Tomorrow, Jennifer Brunner is going to be welcomed with open arms by one of Cleveland’s legendary African American institutions, in the heart of Lee Fisher’s base. ?Huge chunks of Lee’s former fundraising base in Northeast Ohio are now Jennifer Brunner’s fundraising base. ?Brunner is starting to get traction in the national netroots. ?If this isn’t a primary, I don’t know what is.

Looks like Lee is ignoring Bill Clinton’s sage advice, which Bill repeats like a mantra, regarding what happens when you look past your next election. ?You lose your next election. ?Lee’s next election is in 3 months, against Jennifer Brunner. ?Lee is completely ignoring that.

Thank God Jennifer Brunner filed for this US Senate seat.

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