From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In May, Ohio voters will be asked to approve a $700 million bond expansion for the Third Frontier.  It is yet another major bipartisan victory for the Strickland Administration.

But unlike the tax freeze, the Senate Republicans are going to have to supply more than just five nominal votes.  This ballot issue will pass with widespread bipartisan support.

The plan is far more than what the Senate Republicans passed, but it uses the money quicker than the timetable called for by the version passed by the House Democrats.  It’s the best of both worlds.  $700 million for job […]

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First, the Dayton Daily News (Kasich tax plan looks more like one more problem for Ohio):

Rep. John Adams, of Sidney (not to be confused with state Rep. Richard Adams, of Miami County) insists that his 10-year plan will actually increase government revenues.

You know the argument he makes: ?When the people we chase out of the state (under current tax laws) decide to stay, they will create jobs. The tax base will expand. That?s the way it works in every scenario.?

That, of course, is why Ohio is now rolling in revenue, having adopted a […]

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Keeling praises a bunch of Republican Governors for cutting spending.

Apparently, unaware from Virginia, that Governor Strickland has cut $2 billion in spending which is more than any of the Governors Keeling listed.

And, John Kasich has never passed ANY budget cutting overall spending.

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Kyle Sisk has written not one, but SEVEN EIGHT posts, on today’s Inspector General report because it doesn’t say something that Sisk wants it to say: that someone in the Governor’s office was responsible for former Department of Public Safety Director Henry Guzman’s stalling on enacting new Power-of-Attorney forms for BMV car registrations because the old forms were suspected of being used to improperly register vehicles to undocumented immigrants.? The IG report cannot say it, it says, because it found no evidence.? Sisk, with no information of his own to suggest otherwise, nonetheless believes otherwise.

Sisk […]

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Which must make Jennifer Brunner’s campaign jump for joy. ?Here’s Anthony’s take on the firing of Geri Prado.

Furthermore, the move was less about the primary and more about the larger picture, specifically focusing more energy, focus, and resources to a battle with Rob Portman in the fall. There will be skeptics who claim Fisher is worried that Brunner is polling too close and the move of Prado to Howser is out of panic that the race is slipping away. I’m not sure I agree with that interpretation, only because I don’t think Team Fisher is overly concerned about […]

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That’s the scuttlebutt among the press corps covering the US Senate campaign, regarding the departure of campaign manager Geri Prado from Lee Fisher’s campaign. ?Awesome.

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From Saturday’s Columbus Dispatch, we learn that the Kasich-Taylor ticket is ready to throw the pending bill to repeal Ohio’s income tax in ten years, sponsored by Treasurer candidate Josh Mandel and almost the entire House GOP caucus, under the bus.

In a story discussing how the Democrats have gone on the offensive against Kasich’s tax plan, Mary Taylor manages to throw the rest of the ticket and the entire GOP House legislative caucus under the bus:

Auditor Mary Taylor, Kasich’s running mate, said Kasich’s tax proposal is being confused with Adams’ bill. Some news reports have falsely […]

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We’ve all learned from the campaign finance reports how posh ($10k in private charted jets) and image conscious (over $40k in polling, $250 on a makeup artist) John Kasich can be.

Today, Stephen Koff of the Plain Dealer breaks the Code of Silence in the media on another front:? John Kasich runs from the media more than he’s been running for Governor.

Kasich’s avoidance of the media has gotten so bad, Governor Strickland, who has endured the gauntlet of criticism by the press, actually feels sorry for the media:

John Kasich believes in message discipline, which means he’ll […]

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There has been a great deal of what I’d deem as stunning TV lately.? Obama addressing House Republicans in Baltimore comes to mind.? More on that later.? Yesterday, Admiral Mike Mullen addressed the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on gays and lesbians serving in the military.? His testimony was stunning:

Rachel Maddow had a great segment exposing John McCain’s hypocrisy in saying that he’d change the policy if military leaders said we should.? Well, the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs just said it.? Now what, John?

The nation’s top two military officials just called for […]

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As everyone in Cuyahoga County politics knows, The Lancer, the legendary African American community hot spot in Cleveland for decades, burned down recently. ?George Dixon is re-opening The Lancer in a space across the street with a big event tomorrow, and Jennifer Brunner will be a guest of honor. ?I’ll be attending.

Thursday, February 4, 2010
5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

7804 Carnegie Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44103

This event is filled with symbolism. ?The Lancer has been at the center of African American politics in Cleveland for decades. ?Its destruction was mourned throughout the state. ?That George […]

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We have our first earthquake in the US Senate primary. ?Lee Fisher’s campaign manager, Geri Prado, is out, 3 months before the election, before Lee even files. ?Anthony is reporting she was pushed out. ?Naymik has it. ?The question is – what the hell is going on?

One of two things. ?Either Lee is unhappy with his campaign, and fired Prado, or Prado is unhappy with Lee, and got the hell outta there. ?I suppose those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. ?Working for Lee Fisher is one of the most self-abusive gigs in all of politics. ?But no […]

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