Apparently, John Kasich is a metrosexual.

(HT: Mark Naymik of the Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Kasich Mayo

Who’s Kandi Mayo?? Why, she’s the fabulous makeup artist for your next Columbus wedding, bridal shower or Bat Mitzvah.? She’s the makeup artist for celebrities like health food author Bethenny Frankel and GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich… her apparently only … male client.

Here’s what $150 got the Kasich campaign…

Kasich Announces

Now imagine that with $150 less in cosmetics.


On second thought, maybe booking Kandi Mayo was a good call.

$80k in web consultants, $10k in private-chartered jets, over $40k in polling, and hundreds in hair and makeup, yep, John Kasich sure is one of us…

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