So it was recently revealed that the group funding is headed by former Blackwell staffer Tim Crawford.

This certainly does help further solidify my assertion that’s only goal is revenge against Ted Strickland.

But it leaves me wondering: who the hell is Tim Crawford?

I really don’t remember Tim from 2006. And I was covering that campaign, especially Blackwell’s staff, in excruciating detail. I was totally immersed in the numbers and names of that campaign and, today, Tim Crawford barely rings a bell.

Loparo? Ding Ding!



So I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to remember Tim Crawford from Adam when I get an email from an old friend of the blog (feel free to comment, Mr. P, if you want your identity known) that brings Crawford back into focus…

Last March Tim Crawford was “forced out” of his position as interim finance director for the RNC for “reasons having to do with allegations of impropriety by certain of his colleagues.” I’m still researching who he groped and fondled. Hope to have more details as soon as they become available.

And back in November, days before the last presidential election, Crawford’s group New Models robocalled thousands of voters with a racist, anti-immigrant message that claimed Barack Obama’s “aunt is living in America illegally.” And that this “illegal alien aunt is living in public housing.” And that “Barack Obama accepted illegal campaign contributions from his illegal alien aunt.”

One word comes to mind as I read the details of Tim Crawford’s illustrious career: classy.

Say what you want about Ken Blackwell’s friends, but don’t ever accuse them of being disingenuous, opportunistic, no-class-having fucktards.

Tim Crawford is a class fucking act and I challenge anyone to provide proof to the contrary.