Surprise!  Neuhardt does what I predicted she’d do once Garrison got out of the race, she decided not to run.  This, of course, has Anthony decrying “CONSPIRACY!”

“Those who tried desperately to keep Neuhardt from entering the race for Secretary of State…”

Whatever, Anthony.  Nobody was “desperate” to keep Neuhardt out of the race, and Anthony and his “sources” haven’t written word one on any evidence that anyone, anywhere had their knickers in a bunch at the mere threat of a possible Neuhardt candidacy.

Let’s assume there’s an alternative reality in which the narrative had played out as Anthony was pitching it a few weeks ago.  One where Chris Redfern and Governor Strickland are firmly and publicly behind the candidacy of Jennifer Garrison, who is still in the race.  And let’s assume that Sharen Neuhardt actually announced that she was running, there’s no Maryellen O’Shaughnessy in the race, and Neuhardt is the only challenger to Garrison.

I’d love Anthony to tell me how anything the “anti-Neuhardt conspirators” he claims exists in this reality would be different from the alternative reality I described.  Even in the perfect scenerio envisioned by Anthony, chances are Neuhardt would be running against the Democratic establishment, struggling for dollars and endorsements.  So, if these reasons were enough to keep her out of the race, why wouldn’t they have been sufficient to keep her out of an alternative race against Garrison?  Anthony never answers that question.

The only thing that the Democratic establishment was “desperate” over was getting Garrison out of the race.  Neuhardt wasn’t as much of an afterthought in comparison.

Neuhardt didn’t get out because there were people “desperate” to keep her out.  She stayed out for the very reasons that she was reluctant to get in:  she sensed that the party was about to give Garrison the boot, and once that happened the laws of political supply and demand kick in and dries up most of the demand for her prospective candidacy.

Neuhardt is a smart progressive, and she realized that without Garrison, there wasn’t much of a demand to support her candidacy, particularly against another progressive who has the jump on institutional support. 

Nobody I’ve talked to says anything that transpired in the past few days had anything to do with anyone else other than Jennifer Garrison.  Anthony’s constant desire to make Neuhardt into some anti-ODP martyr is just ridiculous.  While Neuhardt may have been the first to pull petitions, O’Shaughnessy was the first to say she’s definitely going to run, even if Garrison stays in.  All during the last two weeks, all I heard about Neuhardt was that she wasn’t going to run if some other progressive came forward to take on Garrison.  And look what happened.  Heck, even folks on the “Draft” Neuhardt Facebook page informed Neuhardt that they were pivoting to O’Shaughnessy.

Sharen Neuhardt does and should keep her options in the future, but it’s because of the accomplished progressive she is, not the undeserved and unwarranted campaign for martyrdom Ohio Daily Blog is engaging in.

I am now content to never to write again about the non-candidacies of Sharen Neuhardt or Candice Hoke again.

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