This is the funniest Ohio teabagging video NOT shot by Tim or Eric (Awesome Show, Great Job!).

Second Amendment….. YEEEEESSSS!  CPA! CPA!  Constitution.  WHOOOO!

They’re mostly protesting Mike DeWine’s nomination as AG, but it’s being held while the Ohio GOP’s Executive Committee is endorsing David Yost over Dayton Teabagging favorite freshman House Member/CPA!!!! Seth Morgan.

And the sirens at the end?  Yeah, Matt Hurley at WMD repotrs that it was the Ohio GOP that called the police over the nonviolent, peaceful Teabagging protestors:

Where is Mr. “I was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party” Kasich stand on this? Calling the cops because the backroom deal got exposed…nice! When the time comes, and believe me it is coming, there is a whole lot of folks who are going to be able to say that they didn’t leave the republican Party, the Republican Party left them behind.

Conservatives are asking why Yost is qualified for an Ohio GOP endorsement for Auditor, when the State refused to endorse in the AG’s race.  Not an unfair question.  And further evidence of the political collateral damage caused by John Kasich’s pick of Mary Taylor, and everyone recognizes it as such.

By the way, who’s that miserable looking Republican operative staring out the window?  And where does the GOP buy their party issued blue blazers?  The Constitution demands they answer!  YEEEEEEAAAAA!