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Who the Hell is Tim Crawford?

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So it was recently revealed that the group funding is headed by former Blackwell staffer Tim Crawford.

This certainly does help further solidify my assertion that’s only goal is revenge against Ted Strickland.

But it leaves me wondering: who the hell is Tim Crawford?

I really don’t remember Tim from 2006. And I was covering that campaign, especially Blackwell’s staff, in excruciating detail. I was totally immersed in the numbers and names of that campaign and, today, Tim Crawford barely rings a bell.

Loparo? Ding Ding!



So I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to […]

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Apparently, John Kasich is a metrosexual.

(HT: Mark Naymik of the Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Who’s Kandi Mayo?? Why, she’s the fabulous makeup artist for your next Columbus wedding, bridal shower or Bat Mitzvah.? She’s the makeup artist for celebrities like health food author Bethenny Frankel and GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich… her apparently only … male client.

Here’s what $150 got the Kasich campaign…

Now imagine that with $150 less in cosmetics.

On second thought, maybe booking Kandi Mayo was a good call.

$80k in web […]

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(HT: David Harding, Progress Ohio)

According to today’s Marietta Times, Garrison is already giving an answer different from her weekend press release on the issue:

When asked specifically whether she’d reconsider running for the Ohio House seat she has held for three terms, she said, “I’m going to take the week and reassess where I am.”

She has $300k to retain her seat, and is a lock for re-election.? Can’t imagine it’s a tough choice for her.

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A few days ago Carlo Loparo, Ken Blackwell’s former campaign spokesperson and current Strickland revenge seeker, said “he doesn?t know the ultimate source” of the funding has received from a Virginia-based group called New Models.

Today I find out the man running the show at New Models is Tim Crawford, yet ANOTHER Blackwell campaign alumnus.

Wow. Small world.

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In the Cuyahoga County Council District 3 race, Dan Brady has begun to make an issue of his opponent Chris Ronayne’s blatant conflict of interest. ?Ronayne will run for, and if he wins, sit in the District 3 seat, while still taking a $185,000 a year salary from University Circle Inc., a non-profit with a billion dollar endowment which will have business before the county.

The PD’s Henry Gomez, whose coverage of the county council races has been pretty good to date, today seems to poo poo on the obvious conflict, citing Ronayne’s own lawyers, who incredibly, don’t see […]

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Surprise!  Neuhardt does what I predicted she’d do once Garrison got out of the race, she decided not to run.  This, of course, has Anthony decrying “CONSPIRACY!”

“Those who tried desperately to keep Neuhardt from entering the race for Secretary of State…”

Whatever, Anthony.  Nobody was “desperate” to keep Neuhardt out of the race, and Anthony and his “sources” haven’t written word one on any evidence that anyone, anywhere had their knickers in a bunch at the mere threat of a possible Neuhardt candidacy.

Let’s assume there’s an alternative reality in which the narrative had played out as […]

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This is the funniest Ohio teabagging video NOT shot by Tim or Eric (Awesome Show, Great Job!).

Second Amendment….. YEEEEESSSS!  CPA! CPA!  Constitution.  WHOOOO!

They’re mostly protesting Mike DeWine’s nomination as AG, but it’s being held while the Ohio GOP’s Executive Committee is endorsing David Yost over Dayton Teabagging favorite freshman House Member/CPA!!!! Seth Morgan.

And the sirens at the end?  Yeah, Matt Hurley at WMD repotrs that it was the Ohio GOP that called the police over the nonviolent, peaceful Teabagging protestors:

Where is Mr. “I was Tea Party before there was a Tea […]

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