From the daily archives: Monday, February 1, 2010

Jennifer Garrison was not, BY FAR, my first pick for SOS candidate. (Brunner was, but that’s a whole different story that I’m not going to go into right now).

And while I highly disagree with the tactics Garrison chose to beat Hollister in 2004, it’s worth noting that she actually did beat Hollister. She did WIN her seat. And then she did it again two more times. Which is much more than I can say for many of the other people whose names we’re throwing around right now as possible Democratic candidates for state-wide office.

I think cheering Garrison’s resignation […]

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First a personal note. I’ve been quiet around here due to some business travel followed by the worst kind of sickness. Two things I learned from my trip to Vegas: Fold aces preflop (lost with them in every way imaginable) and poker rooms and planes are flu breeding grounds! Ugh.

On to the topic du jour. While I was away we had a potential candidate to challenge Jennifer Garrison in a Democratic Primary for Secretary of State, Sharen Neuhardt. We had the ODP force Garrison out of the race and anoint their own candidate in hopes of avoiding a […]

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Heads up, this is a hyper local post about an issue facing my home neighborhood of Tremont. ?The Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD) is planning to close 18 school buildings at the end of this school year, one of them, Tremont School, is in the heart of my hood, and in my county council District 7. ?More after the jump.

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Current Facebook litmus test results:

Maryellen O?Shaughnessy – 222 fans
Draft Neuhardt Movement – 228 members

Clearly this is a slam dunk for Sharen. Plunderbund calls on Maryellen to withdraw immediately!

[removes tongue from cheek]

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With this morning’s announcement by the Ohio Democratic Party of the endorsement of Maryellen O?Shaughnessy by Governor Strickland and likely countless union endorsements to follow (for a candidate who reportedly won’t officially declare for another ten days), we’re all waiting around to see if there’s going to be a contested primary or not.  ’08 Seventh Congressional candidate Sharen Neuhardt has been rumored by Ohio Daily Blog to be considering a run for weeks now (when all it’s been has been a “draft” movement by some NARAL folks in Ohio to get an acceptable alternative to Garrison.)  First, we […]

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