Work has been kicking my ass the past few weeks. I’ve had very little time for anything else – especially politics. But when I saw the 2009 campaign finance data had finally been posted I made some time today to download the reports for Strickland and Kasich.

Taking a quick look a few things pop out immediately. One of them is what seems to be a large number of traditionally Republican contributors giving very large sums of money to Strickland.

When I talk about traditional Republicans I’m talking about people who have rarely, if ever, donated to a Democrat in their life. Rich, powerful folks who have given tens of thousands of dollars to the RNC. People who help fund the campaigns of Romney and Bush and Boehner.

These are people who support candidates they consider to be pro-business. Candidates who are almost always Republicans. And these people are supporting Strickland. Which should leave the rest of us seriously doubting the message Kasich’s campaign is pushing about Strickland causing jobs and businesses to leave Ohio.

Carl Lindner and his wife Edyth, for example, gave Strickland $10K each. Carl Lindner is one of the richest people in the world. He owns the United Dairy Farmers chain. He owns a huge hunk of American Financial Group. This guy has given so much money to Republican candidates over the years that an entire section on his Wikipedia page is dedicated to his GOP political contributions. In 2006 he gave thirty grand to Blackwell. In 2004 he raised $300,000 for the GOP and then gave another $250,000 to Bush’s inaugural fund. This year he’s supporting Ted Strickland.

James Hagedorn is the CEO of Scott’s Miracle Gro. He’s given tens of thousands to the RNC. As well as to Boehner, Bush and Voinovich. This year he’s giving $10,000 to Strickland.

Henry Schnieder normally supports Republicans like Bush, McCain, Chabor and Boehner. This year he gave $11,000 to Strickland.

Richard Osborne, Bush supporter, gave $11,395 to Strickland.

Alex Johnson, big John McCain supporter, giving $11,395 to Strickland.

David Cioffi, Bush and Romney supporter, giving $11,395 to Strickland.

Dominic Visconsi Bush and Romney supporter, $12,395 for Ted last year.

Again, all rich business-loving folks. All long-time Republican financial supporters. All supporting Ted Strickland this year.

It really makes Kasich’s Strickland-is-anti-business message seem like a load of hot steaming elephant crap.

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  • Brian

    Carl Lindner gave to Fisher AND Portman. I think that rather than supporting Ted Strickland, he is giving to the sitting governor. When you're that loaded, betting on the present and both sides of the future isn't a bad strategy. Interesting post, wrong conclusions. Elephant crap. Nice touch.

  • mvirenicus

    As much as I understand the point you're making here, joseph, I'd like to point out that there are millions of americans of all political stripes who would not consider this to be a “selling point” for strickland. As much as this system would like for class consciousness to be the last thing on people's minds, it's not. Granted, the bulk of americans with class consciousness might not have a well-defined politics, but they know what they don't like when they hear it.

  • It's a selling point for me, at least. I like candidates who can maintain their progressive credentials by fighting for hungry poor kids and quality education without alienating the business community in the process.

  • I didn't see Lindner had given to Fisher as well. Good point. And you see it a lot: the Wexners for example tend to split their money across candidates like that.

    But it doesn't change my conclusion too drastically. Even if you pull out Lindner Strickland still pulls lots from Republicans just like he did last time when he wasn't the incumbent. (Rocky Saxby)

  • MattCS

    I see it more as them “betting on the best horse.”

    I mean really, when you look at Strickland competition and if you were wanting to ensure you were on the 'good side' of that candidate wouldn't you want to slide some money that way?

    Really I doubt these people are donating because they believe Strickland is the best thing for them, but more I would bet that they are putting their money with the person most likely to hold power.

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