I am preparing to write the glowingest post about Chris Redfern I’ve ever written, or probably ever will write. ?Mr. Chairman, feel free to start shopping for frames that match Plunderbund’s color scheme. ?Before I do that, I need to touch on the potential for an ODP endorsement in the post-Garrison SOS primary in favor of Maryellen O’Shaughnessy over Sharen Neuhardt.

To be clear – I do not support ODP endorsements in primaries, ever. ?However, in this instance, an ODP endorsement was a last bullet, albeit high caliber, in the chamber aimed at getting out Jennifer Garrison. ?Whether that potential endorsement was the deciding factor, or merely a signal to organized labor that they needed to jump from Garrison, no idea. ?In a perfect world, Redfern would make the threat of an ODP endorsement to get Garrison out, then pull it back and let O’Shaughnessy and Sharen Neuhardt fight it out. ?That’s what I’d like to see.

However, so long as Lee Fisher does not get the idea to use an ODP endorsement in the SOS race to sneak his own endorsement through, I am not going to lose sleep if Redfern does in fact follow through on an SOS endorsement.

First of all, it had to be done. ?This was a battle to the death between the base of our party and a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Jennifer Garrison. ?Redfern chose well, took our side, consequences be damned, ding dong the witch is dead, and Redfern should be applauded for delivering the coup de grace, even if it means ODP has to make good on an endorsement commitment to O’Shaughnessy.

Second, who the fuck does Sharen Neuhardt think she is, and where the fuck was Sharen Neuharst before she started smelling blood in the water around Garrison? ?I understand the uncommon bravery it must have required to damn the torpedoes last week and start a Facebook group, which at the moment has a juggernaut level of 226 members. (Compared to mine for a county council race in a seat that hadn’t existed until November, which has 123. ?I digress.)

Where was Sharen Neuhardt in September, when there wasn’t blood in the water, but the same clamoring for another candidate was at least as loud? ?Reminds me of Candice Hoke’s ever so courageous one week and 123 member Facebook campaign to get in, then get out just as fast. ?Reminds me of every single big name in this state that was begged to primary Garrison for more than half of 2009. ?Not a single one would do it. ?It’s why Redfern was forced to use the ODP endorsement against Garrison in the first place.

There should have been a primary in the SOS race long ago. ?If there had been multiple candidates in the race months before this point, 3 weeks before filing day, there certainly would be no ODP endorsement, because bloggers, including me, would have led the charge against such an endorsement, for months. ?To complain about such an endorsement now, when the threat of it had to be used to get Garrison out almost solely because of the total absence of a candidate with the cajones to challenge Garrison straight up, is just pathetic. ?Ms. Neuhardt, you missed that boat, it was at full mast ready to set sail months ago, its gone now, but now you want to climb aboard.

Well, sorry. ?If there is a primary in the SOS race, between an ODP endorsed O’Shaughnessy, and Neuhardt, so be it. ?I don’t know either of these people well enough to give a shit. ?I do know that neither of them had the nuts to go one on one with Garrison before either smelled blood. ?So what if O’Shaugnessy was a bit more opportunistic than Neuhardt, a bit more tied into ODP, and a bit more capable of becoming Chris Redfern’s weapon of choice against Garrison? ?I don’t care.

No one fights harder against ODP primary endorsements than me. ?I don’t go into battle on this front for the benefit of an opportunist who only now wants that battle because at the 11th hour, someone else had a quicker trigger finger.

Because of this lack of courage, Garrison was about to get an open primary, and Chris Redfern was forced to make a bold move. ?He did the right thing, at some risk, and he should be rewarded. ?Sharen Neuhardt, among many others, could have done the right thing a very long time ago, and didn’t.

So spare me the whining, Ms. Neuhardt et al. ?If you wanted a primary with no endorsement, you had ample opportunity to get one for months.

  • modernesquire

    Ditto all around. I seriously don't understand why Anthony and the rest of the ODB crew is so worked up on a candidate who has gone out of her way to NOT declare her candidacy.

  • Feh. You both are being a bit hard on Sharen. I spoke with her last week and certainly didn't get any impression that she was jumping in out of opportunism – even though that's not even a valid criticism of a politician (hint: they are ALL opportunists by definition). You both know the story of how she came to be even mentioned in this race.

    Any sane person being drafted into a race would rightly be concerned about the playing field and hesitate to enter given rumors of a party endorsed candidate entering the fray. I had not heard any O?Shaughnessy rumblings when I talked to her, but she must have. Her last question to me was if I had hear of anyone else jumping in.

    Sharen is a smart person and would be a good candidate, but to ask where she was back when Hoke was jerking us all around is a bit unfair. I believe she considered a run when asked by Cleveland area activists, but sees the O?Shaughnessy-Husted handwriting on the wall now that ODP has made it clear that's where things are headed.

    You should have let me know you wanted to get Sharen's take, Tim. I could have arranged that pretty easily. She's very accessible.

  • mvirenicus

    Yeah! Feh to Modern and Tim. Feh to you both I say! Especially Tim. Feh!

    (Sorry. I just think feh is really funny)

  • Actions speak louder than words. I'm sure Sharen is accessible. I'm sure she's been accessible for the last 7 months. What I'm also sure of is that she isn't in the race yet, even as of this moment, despite months of people in this party loudly clamoring for an opponent for Garrison.

    For her supporters to now cry about an ODP endorsement, 3 weeks before filing, which itself was made necessary by the same lack of a Garrison opponent which Sharen continues to provide, really is silly.

  • Feh!

  • My point is you could have spoken TO Sharen to ask her where “the fuck she's been” instead of being an asshole to someone in a blog post – someone who was being drafted to do precisely what you wanted done (run against Garrison). I think her prudence has paid off handsomely now that ODP has forced Garrison out and anointed O?Shaughnessy. If you ask me, Sharen is looking pretty smart for letting this play out a bit more and getting all the information she needed to decide on a run. To argue that she forced ODP's hand in lining up a party endorsed candidate and forcing Garrison out seems a bit much.

    I wouldn't call myself a supporter necessarily. I would have supported anyone running against Garrison and will. There are many unanswered questions about the background and inside baseball in this race (Brown, Hoke, etc), but attacking Neuhardt and supporters is what seems silly to me. Waste of time, really.

    I doubt Sharen will decide to run now given the landscape. I don't blame her for considering it at a late date either knowing how it went down.

    Now, let's get on to the important work of electing the candidate who will oppose Husted. Let's not forget that we won here – despite the problems jilted Jennifer leaves us with in the house.

  • Wait. Sharen got more than double the Facebook supporters in just under a week that took you months to garner? Without her even trying or leveraging her Congressional list?

    LOL. I know you just wanted an excuse to link to the exploratory explorers bro, but damn!

  • I'm running for a local council seat, which means my FB friends as a proportion of my electorate are about a gazillion times higher than Sharen's for a statewide race. Just sayin. Maybe I shoulda ran for SOS!

  • modernesquire

    New rule… when you talk to a potential candidate for statewide office…. blog it?

    Again, I don't blame her if she decides not to run. I do blame those who have been pushing her blaming ODP for the situation, though.

  • i would have if i weren't on the way to the airport for a flight across the country and the chat lead to some new information that was meaningful. but next time, yes. i'll toss up a “hey i talked to sharen today and learned nothing new” post. will do. 😉

    ps – there are no rules in blogging!

  • mvirenicus

    I'd like to suggest that you guys take these internal squabbles to a conference call. All this public bickering makes me go “feh!” Btw, I'm on eric's side in this one until someone convinces me otherwise. Lol

  • First rule of political blogging: It's all bloggable! (especially internal squabbling)

    Thanks for having my back. I'm on my side too until someone convinces me otherwise. 😉

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