Just got a statement from the Garrison campaign. ?She’s done with politics.

State Representative Jennifer Garrison, announced today she will not seek the Democratic nomination for Ohio Secretary of State….

Garrison does not plan to seek re-election to the Ohio House of Representatives.

This is how a coward leaves politics. ?It fits with how this coward campaigned for office – gay baiting a neanderthal grunt of petty hatred in a tiny portion of the electorate in order to gain political office. ?Don’t let the door hit you in the ass Jennifer, you will not be missed. ?To paraphrase what you said to Subodh Chandra, Jennifer, people where I come from won’t vote for people who are like you.

I’m hearing that organized labor told Garrison that they were about to rescind their endorsements and back O’Shaughnessy. ?If that’s the final nail in Garrison’s political coffin, then labor in this state should be very proud, indeed. ?They added the final straw to a pile that included gays, women, minorities, every constituency in this state’s Democratic Party who simply would not accept a candidacy from Republican central casting.

And yes, notch another scalp in the ol’ Ohio blogosphere belt. If it weren’t for blogs, the anger toward Garrison’s candidacy from the gay community, and from women in the party against a rabidly anti-choice candidate, would have stayed on a low simmer, she would have been forced down Ohio Democrats’ throats, and she would have lost the seat spectacularly in November. ?Because of blogs, at the hand of blogs, Jennifer Garrison was made an example. ?And yeah – we’re gonna take credit.

In the Ohio Democratic Party in 2010, after the Bill Ritter/Mike Foley 2006 primary, if you play like a Republican, you get treated like one. ?Thus, Jennifer Garrison joins Bill Ritter in political oblivion where no one will ever hear from either again. ?Good riddance.