Governor Strickland’s re-election campaign just released their numbers: around $6.2 million cash-on-hand (that’s over 50% more than what Kasich reported.)

This is an obscene amount of money on both sides.? Seriously.? In 2006, neither Strickland nor Blackwell even had over half a million on hand.? Governor Strickland’s campaign actually has roughly half on hand of what his 2006 campaign spent during the entire race last cycle.

It’s the most money any candidate for Governor, let alone an incumbent, has ever reported in Ohio history.

But that’s not the only record Strickland’s campaign broke:

“Not only does Strickland’s campaign have more cash on hand than any Ohio governor in history at this point in the campaign, but he also has more than any other Democratic governor up for re-election in the nation,” Strickland for Governor campaign manager Aaron Pickrell said.

“We are thrilled with the support that Ohioans have shown for Governor Strickland and his leadership during these tough economic times,” Strickland for Governor campaign manager Aaron Pickrell said.

“They understand that he has made the right investments to ensure that our state emerges from this global economic recession stronger than ever and know that we simply cannot afford to bring back the failed trickle-down economic policies that benefited Wall Street at the expense of Ohio. In the coming months, we look forward to discussing Governor Strickland’s record and his plans to ensure that our economy works for all Ohio families.”

Meanwhile, Chris Redfern is boasting that both the Ohio House Democratic Caucus Fund and ODP are reporting record breaking fundraising results as well.? ‘Fern also mentions David Pepper’s fundraising advantage, but given his lack of an opponent… 🙂

Earlier this week, I participated in a bloggers conference call with the Democratic Governors Association.? They reported that they had over $17 million on hand, the most of ANY Democratic political committee organization, and twelve times more than what the group had to work with in 2006.

It’s going to look like a presidential election year on your television, folks.? Better just get ready for it.? I bet TiVo sales will skyrocket.