This afternoon, I looked up at my muted TV and saw President Obama and Rep. Boehner. I unmuted. What followed was a solid hour of amazing TV. Not just amazing political TV. Seriously, I encourage you to watch the entire Q&A session between Obama and members of the House GOP.

We need more dialogue like this. But I don’t expect it to happen. Apparently, the House GOP now believes this session was a mistake…because it made Obama look good. Who cares that it made our democracy look good too!

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  • w00zard44

    Thank god the republicans relented and allowed this to be televised. Word has it that fox news cut away during the last 20 minutes which was perhaps part of the better schooling that he delivered.

    The public needs to see this. They need to see them called out and explained to why they are wrong, although I am not entirely confident the general public will hear the rationality over the screams and shouts of the republican propoganda machine.

    The first thing he should have said when he walked into the room was,

    “how many of you think I was born in Kenya? please raise your hands”

    I wonder how many would really raise em up.

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