I love how the right-wing blogsphere is suddenly trying to make something out of the event within the Democratic primary race for Secretary of State race seem like the disaster that is Mary Taylor leaving the Auditor’s office.  The problem is that the two situations are ENTIRELY different.

Last time I checked, Jennifer Garrison wasn’t an incumbent in an apportionment board race who was widely popular with her base, nor was she viewed as likely to win her race, either.

Unless I’m mistaken, the two events prove that the progressive blogsphere is far more influential in the Democratic Party than conservative bloggers are in the Ohio Republican Party.  After all, it appears Garrison is out, while Mike DeWine and Jon Husted are still in.

Unless I’m missing something, the progressive blogsphere is openly applauding this move in the Secretary of State’s race while conservatives are still gnashing their teeth over all the political maneuvering going on in the GOP AG and Auditor’s race.

Yeah, maybe it’s just me, but I’m having a hard time seeing any similarity at all between the two situations. They seem to be polar opposite of one another.  Or is it just me?