Jennifer Garrison’s SoS campaign reported $294,541.48 on hand.

Husted has already reported his $2,051,714.28 on hand.? His primary opponent Sandra O’Brien continues the trend of conservative darlings who can’t raise money with $51,915.62 on hand.

Mary Taylor cleared out her account after reportedly raising $230,420.56 in the last six months…. Gee, I wonder where that went?

Well, on January 14, 2010, her Auditor campaign made a $181,264.25 donation to the Ohio Republican State Candidate Fund…? Huh, that’s odd, way back on December 31, 2009, that same fund made a $100,000 to… the Kasich campaign.? On December 14, 2009, the Summit County Republican Central Committee also made a $100,000 donation to the Kasich campaign, which is odd because that’s who Taylor’s campaign also made a donation to on the 14th of January.? Isn’t that just weird?

Kasich reportedly spent twice as much as Strickland…. fiscal conservative my ass.

[UPDATE I:] Kasich spent over $40k on polling alone.? Another over $40k on website consultants.? And over $10k in private charter planes…? Yeah, I don’t even have to say it, do I?

[UPDATE II:] In the AG’s race, Democratic incumbent Richard Cordray leads former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine $2.5 million to $1 million.

[UPDATE III:]? Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper reports $604,966.70 on hand in the race for State Auditor.? Neither Republican candidates reported more than roughly $25k on hand.

[UPDATE IV:]? Incumbent State Treasurer Kevin Boyce continues to struggle.? He only raised a little less than $200k and has slightly less than $650k on hand to State Represenative Josh Mandel (R)’s $2 million on hand.? Boyce’s performance in the last six months was actually substantially worse than the last reporting period.? The good news for Boyce?? Mandel’s fundraising wasn’t that much better in the last six months than it was the first, and he burned nearly a quarter of a million in the process.? That’s about it.

[UPDATE V:]? The Libertarian candidate for Governor, Ken Matesz, reported raising no money or spending any money, but filed a report anyways.? No word from the Green Party’s candidate, Dennis Spisak.

  • anastasjoy

    Sandy O'Brien has $51,000? Isn't that about ten times what she raised in her run for treasurer? I'm actually shocked she's got that much. She'll probably win the primary then, particularly if she spends the next three months attending teabagger rallies. She's the darling of the anti-abortion, anti-gay, gun-totin' set.

    Boyce needs to get around more. Last time I saw him, the ODP booked him as Jennifer Garrison's opening act. I don't think that worked to his benefit.

    Has Mike Dewine actually realized he's got to run a campaign yet?

  • modernesquire

    Good point, Anastasa. I'm surprised that the conservative blogsphere isn't embracing O'Brien given their grumbling about Husted.

    Boyce must be banking on ODP bailing him out. History would seem to support him on this.

    DeWine technically raised more in the last six months than Cordray; he even sent an email to his supporters to that effect. However, he's still at a 2.5:1 cash-on-hand disadvantage. I'm underwhelmed by the DeWine campaign. It hasn't even updated their website since last July when he announced.

    I wonder if those county parties which endorsed Yost will now switch and endorse DeWine to show that the party is finally uniting behind his candidacy?

  • bradleylcromes

    This is a technical question, Modern, but now that Garrison is (likely) out of the SoS race and allegedly not running to retain her House seat, what happens to that nearly $300,000? Can she donate it to the caucus, or are there other potential destinations?

    What would be the ideal race to infuse with $300K?

  • There are no limits on contributions between campaigns in Ohio. She'll probably give a token amount to the eventual nominee but retain the rest for a future run, whatever that might be.

  • modernesquire

    I hadn't heard that if she doesn't run for SoS she won't run for re-election to her House seat. Ideally, it would be the SoS race, but I cannot imagine (nor really blame Garrison) will do that. She could donate it to the caucus, the Ohio Democrats State Candidates fund, etc.

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