Watching CNN late tonight I found myself again confronted with C. Everett Koop, Bush senior’s strange, naval-uniform-wearing, mustacheless-beard-having surgeon general.

This time he’s not trying to convince me I need to get my grandma Life Alert in case she falls down and can’t get up. Instead he’s spreading lies about Obama’s health care reform plans and the UK’s health care system.


And make no mistake, these are lies. I fully believe that this old mother fucker has tons of shit wrong with him. And I fully believe that he, as an old rich white guy, was able to have it all fixed at a very nice American hospital.

But he is completely wrong when he claims that these same problems would not be addressed in the UK because of his age. That part is a complete and total lie.

A lie, but not surprising. This commercial was paid for by the ultra-conservative 60 plus association, an anti-health-care-reform group funded in large part by the pharmaceutical industry.