Watching CNN late tonight I found myself again confronted with C. Everett Koop, Bush senior’s strange, naval-uniform-wearing, mustacheless-beard-having surgeon general.

This time he’s not trying to convince me I need to get my grandma Life Alert in case she falls down and can’t get up. Instead he’s spreading lies about Obama’s health care reform plans and the UK’s health care system.


And make no mistake, these are lies. I fully believe that this old mother fucker has tons of shit wrong with him. And I fully believe that he, as an old rich white guy, was able to have it all fixed at a very nice American hospital.

But he is completely wrong when he claims that these same problems would not be addressed in the UK because of his age. That part is a complete and total lie.

A lie, but not surprising. This commercial was paid for by the ultra-conservative 60 plus association, an anti-health-care-reform group funded in large part by the pharmaceutical industry.

  • mvirenicus

    Is my memory fubar or did this asshole also serve as SG in the reagan years? Regardless, I think he's cuddly and I trust him completely.

  • Julie Bonner

    I agree 100%. I lived in UK for 28 years before moving to the USA, at the request of my American husband, and I know how republicans lie about health care in Europe, especially the UK. But to scare seniors unnecessarily is downright cruel.
    But let's face it, Republicans don't give a hoot about anyone, especially senior citizens – they just care about themselves.
    Health care in the UK is excellent, believe me, and it is not free for the people.
    Everyone pays the same percentage of their wages to the government, its deducted from their paychecks. So the high income earners pay more than the low earners. THose who cant work don't pay. I have family members who have survived cancer, heart surgery, had pace-makers, all kinds of medical treatments. They received their treatment quickly and for free!

  • mvirenicus

    it's good to hear a rational voice from a sane land, but my question is whether this legislation currently wending its way thru the senate and house is even a small step toward the health care system enjoyed in the UK and other nations in Europe. it looks to me like just another american scam where the rich profit and the average citizen gets robbed for a handful of minor tweaks.

  • sberk

    I waited two hours to be treated in a UK hospital after I was hit by a car. I left untreated. I guess I wasn't hurt badly enough to be seen by anyone. How anyone knew that without examining me? I guess these Brits are just geniuses and we should follow their ways.

  • mvirenicus

    Please scan a copy of the police report and post it here for our perusal.

  • Julie Bonner

    Waiting for more than 2 hours in the emergency area of my local hospital here in Virginia is a not unusual, unless it is a life-threatening incident. What is usual is the fact that many of the people waiting don’t have health care insurance, so they don’t go to a doctor’s office for a fever or non-life-threatening situation, but they do go to the emergency room. And if they can’t pay for their treatment, who does? If they had universal health insurance everyone else would not have to pick up the cost of their treatment.
    Unfortunately Americans cannot wake up to the fact that Europeans, including the British, have a better system – they never have to worry whether their job comes with good or not so good health insurance benefits. They lead less stressful lives, especially the senior citizens. And another thing, Europeans earn much higher wages than most Americans, even menial jobs beat the minimum U.S. wage. They have longer vacations and they travel more. In my opinion, Europeans lead a better life; they have less stress, are healthier and live longer. How do I know? Well, I have been to a lot of European countries, and I’ve had a number of European exchange students living with my family, and I go to England just about every year. It’s impossible for me to say that life in the USA is better, even though I have lived here for 31 years. And let’s not get into the discussion of college expenses because, there again, European students spend far less to get an education! Why have I not gone back to the UK to live you may ask? Well, if it was up to me I would have, but my husband wanted to stay here and now regrets it. But we could never afford to return because the cost of the living is much higher there ! We have a comfortable home here which is worth peanuts compared to smaller homes in the UK. So we are stuck here. I love Virginia, and its people, but Americans are really not aware of how they unfair they have it. My children luckily are well traveled and have seen both sides – one of them left to live in Europe and he’s very happy.

  • Mary Jo

    I cut my hand in the UK and was stitched up immediately in a UK hospital whilst living there. I had a severe migraine with vomiting while visiting the UK in the 1990s. The doctor made a house call. He sent out for meds and gave me an injection and oral meds that worked better than anything the neurologist at h0me in Ohio had been able to find for me. And this doc was not a neuro, he was an ordinary GP. And there was no bill, not even for the meds, and I was not a resident at the time nor did I claim to be.

  • mvirenicus

    police report please?

  • FYI: Emergency room horror stories are not viable examples of poor healthcare. If they were, I would tell you about the time my ex-girlfriend sat at the OSU emergency room with a cup of her own pee for 3 hours while we waited for someone from the lab to come pick it up for testing. we left the pee on the counter with the receptionist and went to another hospital.

    Or how I waited for 5 hours at an emergency room in Boston with the worst strep throat I've ever had in my life – couldn't swallow any food, barely any liquids, totally dehydrated and barely able to stay awake. I just needed a shot of antibiotics and I never even made it past the reception desk.

    Again, left and went across town to another hospital.

    Healthcare reform isn't intended to fix emergency rooms. But it just might help prevent the long waits by allowing people with minor problems to go to an actual doctor before their problem gets so bad that it requires an emergency room.

  • Steve

    Rightwing types tried that tactic before. Investor's Business Daily editorialized that someone like Stephen Hawking would have been considered unworthy of medical care and could not have survived if he had to depend on the system that the UK has. They made the highly speculative claim by overlooking that Hawking is a British National and in fact received his health care from the National Health Service, had not been euthenized as they said would happen, and it all had nothing to do with health care reform in the US anyway.

    Hawking's reply was, “I wouldn't be here today if it were not for the NHS.” “I have received a large amount of high-quality treatment without which I would not have survived.”

    Now the anti-health-care-reform propagandists are trying it again, this time using someone with a strong Republican background who will cooperate with the deception.

  • mvirenicus

    Thank you. I am going to print copies of this comment and hand them to the “america is #1” idiots who ask me why I don't leave when pointing out this country's shortcomings. On a positive note, at least those idiots no longer TELL me to leave, but only ask why I don't. That's progress, I suppose.

  • Mary Jo

    Dear mvirenicus, I don't understand. I was simply stating the times when I needed health care whilst in Britain and the superior treatment I received from the NHS. It was excellent. I cut my hand and needed stitches and I ate a chocolate bar with almonds which triggered a migraine. I didn't call the police on myself either time. They would have nicked me for plain stupidity.

  • mvirenicus

    Sorry. I call the police for everything and obviously still have a problem with psychological projection.

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