I’m watching the extraordinary appearance of Barack Obama at the House Republican caucus. ?It’s very recognizable to me. ?It’s Tony Blair’s Masochism strategy. ?Let them beat you up, loudly, publicly. ?The bet is that you’ll come out looking reasonable, courageous, and like a leader, while the ones beating you up look petty and partisan. ?Will it work? ?We’ll see.

Either way, I’ve never seen a sitting US president take questions from the opposing party in Congress, repeatedly, on live television. ?Let alone from a Republican Party happy to look completely disingenuous, petty, and partisan.

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  • MattCS

    I think its an excellent action also. It makes the president look (or actually be) FAR FAR more open to the other party. Rather then appearing to be the same “I work for my party only” that most of the populace is used to, it shows he is willing and able to just go “Here I am, talk to me regardless of how you're affiliated.” and gives them less ammo to say that he is partisan.

  • medwardkelly

    Agreed. And I personally think that this is a good strategy to take. If it works, it will essentially take the steam out of the foolish argument that Republicans are being “shut out” of the process. They say, “we've got ideas too,” but when the President says, “I know, I've read them,” and then proves it, it makes it difficult for Republicans to say that they're being ignored. It will be interesting to watch.

  • Amber

    I had to post the whole video. Amazing, amazing stuff.

  • More than that, it also allows Obama to highlight the vast chasm in policy smarts between himself and the right-wing critics.

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