The State of Ohio is expecting that the Obama Administration will announce that it will receive $400 million of the $564 million it requested in ARRA federal stimulus funds to implement the 3C rail project.

Officials have said that this is sufficient funding to start passenger rail service among Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland by 2012.

Eventually, once there is a reliable source of dependable passenger rail service in Ohio, the 3C rail project is expected to be a precursor to a high-speed rail service.

There are unsubstantiated reports that a company will open a plant in the Columbus area to manufacture passenger rail cars needed for this project.

With nearly 25% of Ohio’s urban residents owning no vehicle of their own, passenger rail service will provide affordable statewide transportation.? It’ll also be a boon to intrastate tourism.

Here’s some of the economic benefits from the 3C Plan:

  • Generates additional $111 million in potential consumer spending
  • Potential to add at least $1.2 billion to Ohio’s economy
  • Generates more than 11,000 potential jobs
  • Creates at least 255 construction jobs over a two year period
  • $1 in passenger rail development can generate $3 in economic benefit
  • Creates opportunities to revitalize vibrant urban cores
  • Attracts and retains young professionals

Here’s the list of government officials and public interest groups that have already endorsed the 3C plan.

And be sure to read about the details of the proposed stations in Dayton and Cleveland as examples of what this project means for Ohio’s major cities.

This is great news for Ohio.

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