The Columbus Dispatch reports that the group is over 27,000 signatures short to get their ballot initiative on the November ballot. (Over a third of its signatures were deemed invalid.)

The group has ten days to get the necessary signatures.  Here’s another non-shocker: no statement from the group in reaction. 

I bet the Blackwell campaign alumni association known as won’t even bother, even after they took their case to the Ohio Supreme Court just so they could throw the state budget in chaos so that they could push for a referendum issue that will never make the ballot.

  • As correctly predicted by our very own Joseph here at PB! Great job man!

  • modernesquire

    Absolutely. Joseph saw this coming months ago, and he's been the only one to call out this group as the Blackwell alumni revenge society it is.

  • akronboy

    unrelated but Bill Mason to be hired by Roetzel Andress

    he's out

  • I just walked in the door after a horrible day of air travel.

    I immediately sat down to write this post and was pleasantly surprised to discover it had already been written. Thanks for keeping up while I'm on the road.

    The only thing I'd add is that, based on the weird way the law seems to have been written, can actually turn in all of the signatures they have been collecting for the past month. Not only that, but they have an additional 10 days to keep collecting signatures.

    Which means they will probably get another 30K at least.

  • Another example of how much bad info is out there about this issue: WFMJ quotes the dispatch saying this will be on the ballot in May…

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