The Columbus Dispatch reports that Franklin County Clerk of Courts Maryellen O’Shaughnessy is also close to making a decision as to whether to belated enter the Democratic Secretary of State primary.

O’Shaughnessy comes from a Franklin County Democratic dynasty and was one of the earliest challenges to Congressman Pat Tiberi.

Franklin County is expected to be a major battleground for the Statewide races as well.

Meanwhile, I wonder where Joe Hallett learned this from:

The prospective O’Shaughnessy candidacy is fueled, in part, by growing Democratic opposition to state Rep. Jennifer Garrison’s candidacy for secretary of state. Party liberals say Garrison, of Marietta, is wrong on social issues, noting that she is pro-gun, anti-abortion rights, and that she won her House seat by criticizing then-Rep. Nancy P. Hollister, a Republican, because Hollister opposed a legislative ban on same-sex marriage.

Nobody reads blogs.

This confirms what I’m hearing from Columbus.? Garrison is all but out of the race already.? ODP had to hear the actual boos at the mere mention of her name at their Knockout events and realized that Garrison had to go.

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