Let me get this straight, despite the fact that Governor Strickland can identify all of the funding and has studies showing all of the jobs that will be created and where they’ll be created within two years, conservatives say the 3C train plan is a bad idea…

But…. a massive tax repeal that Kasich-Taylor cannot explain how it will be paid for, cannot get done within a DECADE, and cannot even guestimate how many jobs it will allegedly create is GENIUS?  Odd double standard.

Seriously, as I read Jon Keeling and other conservatives rant against how government shouldn’t use spending to create jobs, I cannot get beyond the fact that Keeling has a government issued-computer, a government-issued job, and lives in Northern Virginia where he is more likely than not riding the rails to his job in the federal government.  His daily existence is a living contradiction to just about everything Keeling writes.

And I, who is actually in the private sector and own my business, should be taking lectures about the private market from him?

Look, the second Budget Boy and AuditWoman actually have a plan, one they themselves claim would fix something this decade and here’s the plan to pay for it, I’ll listen.  Until then, all I hear from the Right is a bunch of whiners who believe our State is hopeless, in a “death spiral,” and we’re all doomed.  I don’t want to give them advice that could help them come November, but I think the average voter would rather go with the plan that will create nearly 300 construction projects and over 10,000 jobs within the next few years than the over a decade away gamble Kasich-Taylor is pushing, especially when words like “death spiral” is being bandied about.  Hope defeats defeatism… every election.

Don’t miss the orange line to Vienna, VA, Jon.  You need to get home and tell us how nobody will ride the rails.

(By the way, if this is such a bad idea, why did the all-GOP Butler County Commissioners, in the heart of Boehner country, write a letter of support for TWO stops in their county?)

  • MattCS

    The whole “The end is nigh!” mentality just seems to be something for the Right to latch on to as a group to keep from looking at their own problems and try to pin the blame elsewhere. It doesn't really amount to any serious or strong base of conviction beyond “We don't like these guys so everything they do is the cause for all bad!!!”

  • mvirenicus

    It's deeper than that, matt. It's not so much that they don't like “those guys (dems),” but the thought of government itself — mean nasty govt that collects taxes and uses it to help “others” like minorities and single moms and working people who weren't born into a family that could afford college. Others. Taxes. Govt. Bad bad bad. Free market and social darwinism good, despite the fact a large portion of these rightard nuts are living in their mom's basement or their ex-wife's garage. That too of course is the fault of the “others” and the mean nasty govt.

  • MattCS

    Thats normally how it goes though. The big bad government is a perfect target for them in a way.

    It is rather 'faceless' to many people. Seems to take money and not help a person individually (unless of course you're hugely rich). Is easy to get people on the bandwagon if they are not a minority or on welfare.

    The tricky thing is that a large majority of these types are thankfully nicely getting older and older, while the younger crowds are fairly moderate as a whole(at least thats the impression I've picked up from talking to people during college and in workplaces).

    So with luck maybe in about 15-20 years we can see most of the types that are so rabid and wanting to enforce the 'status quo' that is there now on their right wing be gone, it is just a matter of weathering the storm until then.

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