And who said these two crazy kids weren’t getting along?

Mark Naymik from the Plain Dealer just reported that the Strickland campaign last month hired Sandy Theis, who also is a communication consultant for the Brunner campaign.

I, too, recently just joined the campaign staff of the Brunner campaign.

Again, the idea that people for Strickland are monolithically for Fisher is simply not true.

Now that Governor Strickland has announced a running mate, Fisher’s ability to use the Governor as a foil to try to keep people from going to Brunner is weakening as people realize that regardless what happens, Fisher is now a lame duck running mate.  Now is not a great time for Lee Fisher to be slipping in the polls, but he has.

This news isn’t probably going to shake up the polls any, but it does challenge some folks preconceived notions.