This time it’s the Lorain Morning Journal:

A story released yesterday by the Associated Press calls into question Kasich?s claims that eliminating the income tax will return money to Ohio residents? pockets. The story reports that of the nine states without a broad-based tax on personal income like Ohio?s, four still collect more taxes per person than Ohio by charging more in other taxes. The other five states are collecting within $650 of Ohio in total per-person state taxes.

If Kasich indeed has a large ?good? idea, he needs to explain it, particularly how eliminating the Ohio income tax won?t cripple vital state and local services. But if it turns out to be a large ?bad? idea, a ploy to draw attention to the campaign, Kasich and Taylor will have a lot to explain to Ohio voters between now and Nov. 2.

Granted, this isn’t one of the big dailies.? However, it’s picking up the central indictment to Kasich’s tax plan:? it costs too much, takes too long, and is too ineffective to help.

Kasich’s tax plan, in some form, is going to have to requiring higher and newer taxes.? It’s basic math.? Besides that, not even the campaign claims it can even be done within a decade.? Besides that, it ignores the fact that most job-creating businesses don’t pay the personal income tax in the first place.? Besides that, the Kasich-Taylor tax plan ignores that at least three of the States without an income tax (Tennessee, Florida, and Nevada (which has the second highest unemployment rate)) have the same or higher unemployment than Ohio.? Each of these points, in and of themselves, calls into question the very rationale for the Kasich-Taylor tax plan, and yet, they cannot answer a single one of these points.

And all the talk about his tenure as the House Budget Chairman or how Mary Taylor is a CPA and the State Auditor doesn’t answer or deflect from those questions, it just makes their complete and utter inability to answer the most obvious of questions all the more damning.

Again, to figure out how much John Kasich and Mary Taylor’s reckless tax plan will cost your home county in either budget cuts and/or higher local taxes, go to the Kasich taxes web calculator by the Ohio Democratic Party.

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