I think its safe to say we’ll see more events like this in the coming months.

Yesterday, four Dayton City Councilpersons protested the fiscal impact Kasich’s tax plan would have on local governments.  In Youngstown, Mahoning County Commissioner John McNally IV held a similar press conference outside of a closed library.  In Zanesville, the Mayor talked about how Kasich’s tax plan would impact city finances.  In Toledo, the Lucas County Treasurer also held a press conference at a local library to discuss what Kasich’s tax plan would do to local communities there and that the massive tax cuts done since 2005 have not generated any new jobs, therefore, it makes little sense to argue that even more tax massive tax cuts would be more effective.

Here’s news coverage the Kasich campaign would prefer not to see every day:

According to the Associated Press, legislative analysts have determined that a proposal to phase out Ohio?s income tax would cost state and local governments and libraries more than $800 million next year.

Kasich has made a 10-year phase-out of the income tax central to his campaign platform.

All in all, Kasich had nobody but his campaign spokesman to defend the tax plan… who defended it by saying that they haven’t worked out the details yet. 

You can find out how much Kasich’s tax plan would cost the local governments and libraries in your county over at the Ohio Democratic Party’s Kasich tax repeal calculator web app.

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