ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine clearly doesn’t think a failed County Auditor candidate/freshman do-nothing State Representative is the best chance for the GOP to stop David Pepper from winning the Auditor’s race, or else he wouldn’t have recruited former AG candidate David Yost to challenge the freshman.

Of course, just as when Taylor damaged her brand with conservatives by jumping ship and running on the Kasich ticket, Yost did the same as well.

Now, those conservative bloggers who cannot hold their tongues are publicly fuming that the GOP has somehow navigated from a likely incumbent re-election on an Apportionment Board seat to a contested primary for an open seat race in which the Democratic candidate has nearly a year head start on the GOP candidates.

Before Yost jumped to the Auditor’s race, Morgan had quickly “staffed” up with leaders from the SWO Tea Party movement.

Now the Tea Baggers are in open revolt over the Ohio GOP’s efforts to recruit Yost into the race and have the state party endorse him quickly to force the Freshman out of the race.

Conservative activists are scrambling to fight the Ohio GOP from giving the AG nomination to Mike DeWine… Kevin DeWine’s relative, who has run a gawdawful campaign that hasn’t even so much as updated his website since he announced last July.  They see two of their promising “stars” going after each other… Meanwhile, you have Rose over at Bizzyblog writing:

And where is ?I?m bordering on ego & narcissism? John Kasich? So much for leadership?grabs the Auditor under the guise of ?the top of the ticket will drive the other races,? then allows idiots like Husted & DeWine to prevent that from happening? So much for any of them paying attention to what?s happening on the ground.

Meanwhile, David Pepper’s campaign has been silent as a church mouse over all of this.  Not even one fundraising pitch has gone out during this time.

Grab the popcorn.  Who said uncontested Republican primaries were boring?

  • anastasjoy

    I thought Yost was something of a teabagger himself, challenging DeWine from the right. So this is a real race to the right, right? I suspect David Pepper's campaign is sitting back and laughing. He's going to do just fine. But he's what I don't get. Given that the Republicans are lurching so far to the right they're in danger of plunging off a cliff, why on earth does the Ohio Democratic Party see ANY need to move to the (fictional) “center”? They need to stand on progressive principles. Go to Draft Sharen Neuhardt on Facebook and help convince them!

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