Sunday’s Dayton Daily News poll seems like bad news on the surface: Kasich leads Strickland by 6 points.

But if you look at the details, specifically about who Ohioans blame for the current economic problems, it actually seems to bode well for Strickland’s strategy.

Strickland’s campaign, among other things, is attempting to tie Kasich, who worked as a managing director for Lehman Brothers until the company’s epic fail, to the banking meltdown and subsequent economic distress.

While Kasich’s entire campaign strategy is focused on linking Governor Strickland to the current economic problems in the state merely because Ted happened to be Governor when the world economy went to shit.

If you look at the numbers from Sunday’s poll, Strickland’s strategy would appear to be the better one.

When asked who is to blame for the current economic crisis:

George W. Bush 24%
Wall Street and Financial Institutions 23%
U.S. Congress 19%
President Obama 13%
Governor Strickland 3%

With the economy as bad as it is, the common belief is that Ohioans will, by default, blame the current administration. Kasich’s campaign strategy is based on this belief.

But it’s wrong.

Eight times as many people blame the former Republican president over Strickland. And another eight times as many blame Wall Street firms like Lehman Brothers.

Ohioans know that our state’s economy was on a downward slide long before Strickland took office, and Kasich is going to have a hard time convincing them that it was Ted’s fault. Unfortunately for Kasich, this seems to be his only strategy.

There are over ten months left until the election and Kasich is still a relative unknown to many Ohioans – especially to people who don’t religiously watch Fox News and vote overwhelmingly for Republicans. And with over 52% of respondents saying the economy is their major issue when voting in November, there is a lot of time and a lot of opportunity to inform Ohioans about Kasich’s ties to Lehman and the economic collapse.