Ask yourself this, if there was any predictable, foreseeable event in which the Kasich campaign would want to use State Auditor Mary Taylor to be the face of the campaign’s response, wouldn’t it have been the Governor’s State of the State address?

Given all the hype and spin and justification as to why Taylor was such a great pick by the Kasich campaign, wouldn’t it had made sense to have the State Auditor out front today?  Seriously, you have the State Auditor on your ticket and your opponent, the incumbent Governor, is talking about his record of fiscal conservatism.   If Mary Taylor’s elected office did not make her a perfect person to attack the Governor today, what is that situation?

Where the hell was she?

Just like when she was first elected, Mary Taylor has fallen off the face of the earth.  No press interviews, no press release, no videotaped statement like Kasich…. heck, I don’t even recall if they showed her in attendance at the State of the State Address.  It’s like she disappeared the moment she left that press conference… as if they crated her up and sealed her away in that warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark the second the press conference ended.  In fact, I’ve gotten hold of a secret recording of the top levels of the Kasich campaign discussing Taylor (Taylor’s Campaign Codename is “Ark”).

The campaign has yet to announce a single campaign event featuring Taylor.  (They mention her upcoming speech at Ashland University, but that was scheduled BEFORE she joined the ticket.)

Odd time for Taylor to go AWOL.

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