Who’s bright idea was THIS? 

Hey, John, to compete with the Governor appearing at the well of the People’s house to bipartisan applause, we’re going to film you in an empty room.  But we’ll make it all white like the loading room in “The Matrix.”  The kids will love it even if we never make any guns appear and you never kick ass.  Yeah, we’ll keep it as blank as your plan to fix Ohio’s economy.  Look into the camera like your talking to your dog after it just took a dump on your exotic, persian carpet in your study…. Great, just like that.

Oh, and could you talk about all the new ideas you got from the Voinovich, Taft, and Blackwell campaigns?  Yeah, the voters totally believe that lawsuits cost them their jobs and not your support for free trade deals that killed Ohio’s manufacturing sector or the repeal of Glass-Steagal that helped your old buddies from Lehman Brothers. 

By the way, could you remind people how you enacted policies that created the housing and IT bubble that created this recession?  Grrrreat…. Shooting in 3, 2, 1….

Seriously, Kasich talking about “honest” balanced budgets while he runs around the state promising to repeal both the estate and income tax, with no announced plan on how to pay for them, is just comical. 

The fact of the matter is that with Kasich’s campaign now swearing off even a ten-year timetable to repeal Ohio’s income tax, (See where Kasich’s campaign spokesman throws State Rep. Adams under the bus.) Kasich’s campaign cannot even claim to have a plan to fix Ohio’s economy IN THIS DECADE.  No plan.  It’s as blank as his background.  Ted Strickland ushered in the biggest tax cut in modern Ohio history.  It hasn’t worked.  More of the same isn’t the answer, John, and yet, that’s exactly what you’re calling for.  Instead of offering the same failed policies of past Republican Administrations, Governor Strickland, unlike Kasich, is proposing a new way to build Ohio’s economy in this decade.

BTW, no mention of Mary Taylor, not even in the end credit?  But I though she was so super awesome?!?

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