Again, more excerpts:

We have made a commitment to building a tax structure that encourages job growth and is respectful of our citizens.

We expanded the Homestead Property Tax Exemption, saving  the average senior citizen homeowner 400 dollars each and every year.

Our business taxes are the lowest in the Midwest.

In fact, every year I have been in office we have cut taxes.

And even with the delay in implementing the final year of the personal income tax reduction, our efforts to carry out the tax reform bill of 2005 have already provided the largest tax cut in modern Ohio history.

We reformed our regulatory process to cut down on red tape and to make it easier for companies to do business in Ohio.  In fact, we tossed out 220 state rules and we revised well over one thousand more.

In November, the Pew Center on the States issued its report on state finances and state economies.  They made an apples to apples comparison of per capita revenue and spending across the 50 states.

And what did they find? Ohio is doing better than most states  at maintaining state revenue and balancing the budget.

Forbes magazine did a story just a few years ago about the states people most wanted to live in. Florida was right there at the top of the list. Today, Florida is right there at the top of a different list: the Pew Center?s list of what they call ?States in Fiscal Peril.?

Florida has a higher unemployment rate than Ohio.

Florida has a higher foreclosure rate than Ohio.

Florida has lost vastly more state revenue and has had vastly greater budget gaps to fill than Ohio.

“Remember Florida!” has been the mantra of the Kasich people.  Strickland has now joined this blog (and in pointing out that Florida is messed up.  Nevada is another no-income tax state doing worse than Ohio on the jobs front.

Strickland also talked about Ohio’s business climate:

I believe in Ohio because job creators know Ohio is a great place to do business.

The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council studies the business climate in the 50 states. They consider taxes and regulations and the like, and then rank the states on whether they are a good place to start and grow a business.

In 2006, Ohio ranked 38th.

In their new report issued just a few weeks ago, Ohio now ranks 11th.

And, we are among the very best in the Midwest; and best among the states that border us.

I believe in Ohio because we have always been a state that invents things, designs things, makes things, grows things. And the world knows this. In fact, we are the only state in the nation where exports have grown every year since 1998.

While Strickland mentioned these things, he immediately went into a discussion of a new policy (see prior post) designed to make things better in the more immediate future.  Contrasting this with Kasich who still has no plan other than a tax repeal he cannot even say can be done this DECADE.

Strickland said another word alot that Kasich cannot really touch “bipartisan.”  Kasich has no record as a bipartisan leader.  His approach as Budget Chairman was to shut down the government to try and get his way.   It failed.