I’ve just seen this ad by Tom Ganley twice in the last 2 hours on two separate Cleveland broadcasts on local ABC affiliate WEWS in the 6pm local news (big money slot), and just after Jeopardy before primetime (highest dollar). ?Which means Rob Portman is about to be deepthroat teabagged for 4 solid months. ?Let it hang, Rob!

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  • I notice the bug in the lower thirds says “conservative Republican”. That helps me out a lot, since now I know he's not a liberal Republican.

  • I have to admit, though. I was hoping for the owl ad again.

  • modernesquire

    That was one badass owl shot…

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  • Shalom Y'all,

    Am I only one who noticed that Ganley tells a bald-faced lie in the first 10 seconds of the ad?

    For 47 years, Tom Ganley worked to build his business, create jobs, meet the payroll…

    Well, no he didn't. From his own campaign website we learn that Ganley went to work for somebody else 47 years ago and that it wasn't until 1968, six years later, that he opened his own business, Eastway Rambler.

    For those six years he was employed to build someone else's business, to provide money for someone else to create jobs and meet their payroll.

    Who cares about the difference between 47 and 42 years? Probably no one but me.

    Am I being picky about six feckin' years? Perhaps. This, however, is exactly the kind of truth bending Americans expect from someone who sells cars.

    Clearly Tom Ganley is a conservative Republican car salesman who can't be trusted.



  • bradleylcromes

    Russo…the tea bag jokes have got to stop. Seriously.

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