Begging you.

The entire Ohio Democratic Party is teed up to put your political career to rest, with dignity and grace. ?Your own home county party is ignoring your race, to the point that you had to have paid staff collecting signatures at last weekend’s executive committee meeting. ?The writing is on the wall – you’re behind, you know it, you’re gonna lose, and so you have a choice to make.

Lee, you can go out gracefully, putting up a good fight the whole way, and perhaps one day fool everyone into thinking you might be worth another statewide shot. ?Whoop. ?Eee. ?Or, you could spend all that loot you crow on and on about in a failed scorched earth effort to give us the honor of watching you lose one more time to a Republican. ?We know you’re thinkin’ about it. ?You’ve been doin’ it on the sly for a year.

So go ahead.

Dare ya. ?For a couple reasons.

First, it will send Jennifer Brunner’s online fundraising through the flippin’ roof. ?Jennifer is a hero in this state, it’s the main reason she’s been able to survive your backroom threats already. ? One veiled?threat from the DSCC chair Bob Menendez basically made Brunner’s payroll in December. ?If you go scorched earth, Lee, every penny you spend doing so will yield Jennifer 10 times that amount. ?So there’s that.

Second, it will backfire in the electorate, big time. ?See “hero”. ?If you go negative on Brunner, Lee, every Democrat in Ohio will have all the reason in the world to salt the earth over your political grave so you never spring up again. ?If you think Ohio Dems are just itchin’ to give you another shot, going negative will prove to you otherwise so fast, you’ll have a hard time showing your face among Democrats anywhere in this state without people refusing to shake your hand. ?They’re basically there already.

So do us all a favor, Lee. ?Throw that corporate money of yours against the wall like vomit, see if it sticks. ?Just a little free advice.

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