I already reported on my fun with Ed Fitzgerald at last week’s taping of Bob Conklin’s TV show. ?But imagine my surprise as I walked out of the studio, and in the lobby for the next taping were more reporters for another roundtable, and featured guest David Yost, then Republican candidate for attorney general, now Republican candidate for state auditor!

On Yost’s lit piece for AG was the line “David Yost is an active leader in the pro-life movement.” ?Huh. ?David Yost has a position on abortion! ?Before David Yost headed back with the reporters to the studio, I asked David Yost why that would appear on his literature, and what abortion had to do with being attorney general. ?Time to ask about David Yost’s position on abortion, I thought.

David Yost on abortion did the standard two step, so I cut to the chase. ?Should abortion be illegal? ?David Yost said abortion should be illegal. ?I then asked, what would David Yost advocate as the penalty if abortion were illegal? ?The reporters were fascinated by this ingenious line of questioning!

David Yost didn’t answer, claiming he was just running for AG. ?I asked again, reminding David Yost on abortion that surely to advocate its illegality meant to advocate some kind of punishment. ?David Yost still wouldn’t answer. ?I asked again. ?And again. ?I think I asked five times what David Yost’s position on abortion penalties would be. ?Nothing in response.

So I turned to the gathered reporters and said, “I think it’s Chris Matthews who says that if you ask someone a question three times and they don’t answer, it means they have no answer.” ?Laughs all around ensued, except of course from David Yost on abortion, and Conklin waved everyone to walk back toward the studio.

As I began another conversation down the hallway with the reporters about my candidacy for county council, David Yost chased behind, as if he wasn’t done telling me precisely nothing about David Yost on abortion.

“You’re a blogger and you’re running for office?” asked one of the reporters in the hallway.

“You ever hear of Hunter S. Thompson?” I said.


“You’re running as a journalist?” asked another reporter as we entered the studio.

“FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS!” shouted David Yost from behind. ?My, how interested David Yost is in my candidacy!

As we all piled into the studio, the reporters asking for my card, Conklin directing David Yost to his seat, David Yost on abortion shouted at us from across the studio, “Someday I’ll explain to you the importance of a candidate not having an answer for everything!” ?Odd, we all thought. ?That must be David Yost’s position on abortion!

I decided it was a good time to leave.

  • Fear and loathing, baby. Fear and loathing.

    Maybe David should remove that bit from his campaign lit?

  • MattCS

    Ouch, sounds like he just didn't like the fact he got burned. Hard.

    I'd like to see more reporters use that tactic. Trap the candidate and KEEP asking until you show that the candidate can't give an answer.

    Make the fools show that they are really fools, not an intelligent person that they are dressed up as.

    And in my opinion a candidate should be able to answer ANY question thrown at them about anything on their campaign information. If it involves your platform you should be able to speak about your position and ideals for a while in detail.

  • midgeweber

    How much is truth and how much is it a reporters enhancement?

  • mvirenicus

    i'd be far more likely to accept tim's version of an event than any version proffered by what passes for a “journalist” in the msm. i once heard it said of msm “journalists” that they travel from their suburban climate controlled homes in their climate controlled vehicles to a climate controlled office where they “report” on subjects of absolutely no relevance to anybody.

  • Vincinzano

    hhhhmmmm, still trying to figure out how believing that something should be illegal implies that you have a punishment in mind. Don't you have to take step one first(banning the particular crime) prior to taking the second(imposing a punishment)? Furthermore, you asked what significance Yost's stance on abortion had when applied to his particular office. The fact is that a person's ethics and responsibility especially in the public sphere can be traced back to his beliefs regarding the dignity of the human person, from conception till natural death. The fact that Yost opposes abortion tells me alot about his responsibility. Since he is firmly grounded in a strong moral ethic on this most fundamental issue of abortion which regards human life at its origin, I believe that this will manifest itself in his dealings in other matters, whether they directly apply to abortion or not. Thus, Yost's stance on abortion truly does bear upon the discharge of his duties in the political sphere, whether that be as attorney general or some other government official.

  • guest

    dave yost has 5 siblings and 2 parents and yet only one brother and his dad contributed to his campaign-could it be because he is anti-gay and his right wing leanings are an embarrassment to the moderate family where he grew up

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