Thanks to Adrienne, a regular commenter here, for stepping to the plate and helping Jennifer Brunner with a diary at Kos. ?This is how it’s done, folks. ?Engage, online, now. ?And don’t stop until Jennifer Brunner is our nominee. ?Then take a nice long break, and get right back at it.

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  • Adrienne

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Very nice. Well done! Enjoy your commenting here as well. Thanks very much for that!

  • Adrienne

    FYI: 31 in the tip jar and 44 comments. People are mad about something over there. I don't participate in those discussions because I will fall off the wagon from my “recovery from pessimism”. JB and her campaign did comment. Now, I get why people do the blog “thing”. After years of silence and sitting on the sidelines….NO MORE!! That's what the other side wants.

    There are alot of smart people over there. I found a few who are onto the next battle.

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