Generally I’m not a fan of political extremists who interrupt press conferences held by mid-level political appointees, but this one really caught my eye today…

The woman throwing the pie was Emily McCoy. She’s from PETA. And the woman receiving it is Gail Shea, the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, who PETA accuses of overseeing the “largest marine mammal slaughter in the world.”

Sure, it’s probably not fair to accuse Ms. Shea, a long-serving Canadian politician, of being responsible for the slaughter of millions of baby seals. But you have to respect PETA’s dedication.

  • Scott

    I don’t respect PETA’s dedicaton when it comes to acts like this. Violence shouldn’t be used to further a political viewpoint, no matter how strongly a person feels. Next think you know, pro lifers will decide that their viewpoint of “defending the unborn” justifies murdering abortion providers. Oh, wait . . .

  • MattCS

    And really, a pie to the face is alot less grandstanding and weird then some of PETA's actions.

    I say if that is what we start doing to politicians for things they do wrong we could help the economy too!

    Bakers of the pies make money.
    Those who supply the bakers make money.
    The makers of the ingredients for the suppliers make money.
    We get to watch as a politician gets pied.

    No harm either IMO, its just pie.

    I would also accept water balloons.

  • John Wang

    PETA has exploited the seal hunt to fill its own coffers.

    Instead of showing videos of baby seals being clubbed (which has been banned for more than a decade), why not present actual facts about the seal hunt. The North Atlantic seal population is doing quite well and the seal hunt is conducted in such a small scale that it does not pose any threat. Seal hunters are not mega corporations but everyday individuals.

    Emily McCoy should not be given any leniency in terms of the criminal accusations brought against her.

  • mvirenicus

    That's strange. I've seen recent vids of seals being CLUBBED in canada. My man Morrissey, among other artists, will not tour canada to protest the sanctioned CLUBBING of seals, this despite the fact Moz is far more popular up north than here in the states. I have an intense dislike for liars, but I really HATE the know-nothings who lie to further homo sapiens cruelty to their fellow living creatures.

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