No word yet on what John Kasich got Joe Hallett for his birthday.

Here’s a question Joe Hallett wrote on Sunday, but didn’t ask John Kasich at his most recent press conference: “How will Ohio pay for its schools if it kills income tax?

Hallett, of course, ignores the fact that State Rep. John Adams, who Hallett criticized, merely introduced the same tax plan as John Kasich:

Are you prepared, [John Kasich], to raise the state sales tax by 6 cents to a national high of 11.5 cents on the dollar? That’s how much would be needed to replace revenue lost by killing the income tax. How do you think your friends at the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants and the National Federation of Independent Businesses would react to more than doubling the sales tax?

Hallett, then gives Adams a public history lesson he’s never given Kasich:

“Without the income tax, how will you keep schools open? The tax was instituted by the General Assembly in 1971 because financially ailing schools all over the state were closing. When Republicans asked Ohioans to repeal the tax a year later, the voters opted by a 69-31 margin to keep it.”

Hallett mocks Adams’ prediction that no income tax=job growth, but ignores that Adams is merely parroting Kasich’s talking points:

You also said that eliminating the income tax would lead to robust economic growth and new jobs, and would stem the tide of Ohioans leaving the state for Florida and other states without an income tax.

Of the nine states without income taxes, six, including Florida, have higher sales-tax rates than Ohio, according to a study by the Ohio Legislative Service Commission. And five of the states have higher per capita local taxes than Ohio.

(Gee, where have I heard that before?!?  In a totally unrelated item, NOBODY reads blogs…)

Hallett then ends the column with praising Kasich for something Kasich hasn’t done:

Wisely, Kasich appears to be inching away from the idea, because he knows he might actually have to govern.

No, what Kasich has done is claimed he will repeal it in a “responsible” manner, which has loosely been defined as having it paid for by the anticipated economic growth (i.e. “Magic Revenue Fairy”) that Hallett just mocked Adams for relying on. 

Meanwhile, Brent Larkin at the Plain Dealer also points out that Kasich’s tax plan= John Kasich is worse than Ken Blackwell.

Coincidentally, the Ohio Democratic Party has a new web app calculator that can help you figure out how much Kasich’s tax plans will costs your local library, fire and law enforcement agencies in state funding.

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  • Is it just me or have Modern's posts become much cooler since he started posting at PB?

    Love the new style, man. Keep it up.

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  • Shalom Brian,

    I've been thinking about Kasich's plan to eliminate Ohio's income tax and the general hilarity that has ensued at even the suggestion of such a silly plan.

    I recently had occasion to re-read Thom Hartman's Two Santa Clauses argument and it gave me pause in light of what Kasich touts. Throw your mind back more than 30 years to the dawn of the Reagan Revolution and consider two words: Voodoo Economics.

    Kasich is a serious threat and we risk much to dismiss him as just another nut-job, the way many did President Ronald Reagan three decades ago.



  • modernesquire

    Yes, I've been reading Fark alot more lately…. why do you ask?

  • Adrienne

    Hey Jeff,
    YUP, YUP, YUP….GOPer math doesn't add up. Looking at our state, state income taxes went down, Local taxes went up +local sales taxes have gone up + fees have gone up to cover all of the shortfall. Less people are working and paying taxes, fewer jobs. It kills me that Brent Larkin and Thomas Suddes are still selling via the PD that we still need tax cuts to attract business. As far as I'm concerned, businesses use taxes as an extortion plot to move or not move their business. Of course, we fall for it because there are no jobs. See American Greetings threatening to move because Brooklyn had to increase their taxes to cover the local shortfall. I'm waiting for someone to say “we don't need no public school” we can save millions…..

    Sales tax revenues have fallen also because again no one is working and no one is spending. This is why Florida and Nevada are having problems. No one is taking vacation so you can't gouge them with sales taxes and other fees that you can collect via tourism and gambling. This is why our own RTA is having budget problems in spite of having record ridership. The fare doesn't cover the cost and the sales tax revenue has fallen because of continuing job losses + decreased personal spending + decrease in population. All add up to decreased tax revenue in spite of decreased state income taxes which have not caused job growth or business growth.

    I don't have to remind people that during “the roaring aughts”, there were both state and federal tax cuts (especially for the rich),and there was no, zero, nil, job growth. So I would make the argument that we are under-employed, over worked and underpaid all because of tax cuts.

    As far as Im concerned we have “tax cutted” our way to neo-serfdom. People are mad, they can look in the mirror voting for their boss instead of themselves. I don't understand why people haven't caught on other than too many people have been brainwashed.

    I know I'm preaching to the choir, and I just don't know what the solution is to the jobs/business losses???
    Maybe tax cuts = jobs killer


  • MattCS

    Getting all your snark out on Fark then eh? Either that or Caturday mellowed you out.

  • MattCS

    That is what I think, this seems to be something either throwing out there to bait people to focus on it instead of other issues or it is simply some sort of weird weird game.

    Nutjob or not someone who has an idea this radical is really someone to be wary of as who knows what they might throw out later too.

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  • Shalom Matt,

    That is possible, I'll concede, but I really do think that there's nothing tricky here. The attack is simple and elegant, sell the feck out of a really, really good lie that appeals to people's avarice and they'll delude themselves into buying it.



  • Shalom Adrienne,

    I'm hopeful that tomorrow's speech will provide guidance.



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