It seems like centuries ago, but there was a time in my life when I was pretty conservative. Back when I was young and slightly more stupid and had yet to experience life outside of small-town, suburban Ohio I saw the world very differently than I do today.

I’m a changed man. Older. Wiser. But, I admit, some of it has carried over. Specifically my tendency to distrust any kind of new government regulation that appears to feed the insatiable desire of federal agencies to regulate the shit out of everything.

So when I heard that the IRS was going to implement new tax preparer certifications I obviously had questions.

Then I saw this ad for “Mo’ Money Tax Preparers” in Columbus…

Questions answered.

Dear IRS,

Please regulate the shit out of this industry so no one in this commercial has access to my personal information or is able to legally prepare my tax return.


  • ErieM

    Reassuring: their Web site, featuring a winged fist full of dollars, is “currently unavailable until further notice.”

    Also — if they can get you a “refund” in 30 seconds, I wonder if they're actually offering high-interest refund anticipation loans.

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  • Tudorman

    This is a near perfect example of “regulatory capture”, a practice big corporations employ in order to stifle competition and increase the cost of entry into a field they seek to dominate.

    H&R Block, for instance, already exceeds the proposed regulations, and therefore will incur no new costs. It will be the small local and regional preparers that will find the new rules most burdensome and expensive, making it more difficult for them to compete with the big boys. Walmart does they same thing via their support of minimum wage laws and health care reform. As long as the new regs aren't too onerous, the large corporations will have no problem meeting them, but the mom and pop operations will suffer.

    Do you see the contradiction at work here? It's very obvious. And how do you feel about the Citizens United decision? If you decry that, how can you support this?


  • MattCS

    Gotta love that, I really wouldn't trust a company called “Mo Money” and any other words after it anyway.

  • mvirenicus

    LOL it's amazing to me that anybody with personal experience dealing with the “private sector” would be opposed to government regulation. humans by nature are thieves, especially when they call themselves “businessmen/women.”

  • jane doe

    Your tv ad is a put down to white as well as black and it also makes fun of one of our presidents.I hope your company bites the dust and soon . I am also going to complain to the Tv stations about running your ad.

  • I drove past one of their offices on Parsons Ave this weekend and they had a sign on their door that said something like: “No cash stored on premises.”

    Also, there wasn't a limo anywhere near the building.

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