Normally when I post these, I like to shine a light on stuff so far out of the mainstream that calling it “indie” would be a stretch (in fact, one artist I like has a song called “Indier than Thou” with a lyric that goes “if I were on an indie label, you could call me mainstream.”)

But not these next two. These next two are giant hits that, I am ashamed to admit, I crank up and bounce my head to in the car. I’m not even sure why I’m admitting this, except maybe I’m looking for absolution. Father forgive me, it has been far too long since my last confession.

First up: Ke$ha. Yes, with a “$” in her name. I’m not proud.

Next. Miley Cyrus. See what I mean?

Gah! Must… bust… out… Daft Punk… or… Method Man…

  • I recommend a healthy does of Pappo's Blues. Est? en espa?ol, pero a?n grandes.

    Got turned on to it from Clutch doing a cover of Algo ha cambiado on their new album Strange Cousins from the West – which is their best album yet (and that's saying something).

    Purge, baby. Purge!

  • mvirenicus

    anything that reinforces the ugliness of the human species is okay by me!

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