I signed Lee Fisher’s petition today at the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting for May 5 primary endorsements, happily. ?I’ve always wanted to see a primary in this race, we’ve got one, no reason not to sign. ?But it does strike me as odd that the so-called “inevitable” candidate is still collecting petitions, with paid staff, at his own home county’s primary endorsement meeting, where the party refuses to endorse him. ?Fun.

The meeting was fairly drama free, except for two races. ?In the Ohio State Senate district 23 primary, the county party had to go to a separate vote of the district’s members to decide not to endorse, a victory for State Rep. Mike Skindell, who is facing a Bill Mason backed dude named Celebrezze – classic, bullshit, name-based politics trying to kneecap a very good legislator in Mike Skindell, and it failed. ?Plus, there’s some dude named Mottl from Parma in the primary, which splits the Parma name-voters, so I like Skindell’s chances. ?Go Mike!

In the Ohio House district 10 primary, apparently Roosevelt Coats is on some weird kamikaze mission to challenge incumbent Robin Belcher, no idea why. ?Coats had someone try to move from the floor on HD-10 to do something (not endorse? ?couldn’t tell), but the lack of a quorum from the district scuppered that. ?Coats was in the lobby trying to gather signatures for god knows what, I half expect him to end up in my race for county council!

And then there’s Bill Mason, who in a ghostly fashion, wandered up to the stage toward the end of the meeting to ask why the county party wouldn’t endorse in the auditor’s race for David Pepper. ?The parliamentarian said the county party had received “guidance” from ODP not to endorse in this race. ?Mason, leaning on the top of a chair in the front row of the auditorium, dressed in what looked like his pajamas and blue jeans, wondered, “why?” ? Pepper is unopposed in this primary, but he isn’t an incumbent, like the other statewides the county party endorsed. ?The parliamentarian repeated they’d received guidance from ODP on the race, and said the county party could call a meeting at another time if things changed. ?Then Mason wandered back to his seat.

I’m betting this was Lee Fisher inspired. ?My guess is that Mason wanted to force a Pepper endorsement to then piggy back from that to move from the floor that if the party was going to endorse non-incumbents in statewide primaries, they should hold a vote for the endorsement in the US Senate primary.

Whether or not that’s the case, it is telling that Mason failed in both the battles he chose to fight today, in a room he should have been able to control, given how dead and dying the county party seems to be right now. ?Rather pathetically, too.