Anthony at ODB breaks the news that former candidate for Congress in OH-07 Sharen Neuhardt is considering a run for Secretary of State to oppose Jennifer Garrison in a Democratic Primary.

This may have been a bit lost in the shuffle of President Obama’s visit to Ohio, but it’s an interesting development and an important one. Jennifer Garrison desperately needs a primary. Despite the bewildering cover this conservative wolf in Democratic sheep’s clothing received from the largest progressive mouthpiece in Ohio, there is a large grassroots sentiment opposing Garrison on a statewide ticket. The gay and lesbian community is especially outraged, as is the pro-choice community.

[See PB critical coverage of Jennifer Garrison]

Of course, this is all rumor until we here at PB confirm it. I am comfortable stating that what Anthony is hearing is correct*. I’ll also add that I’m hearing this was a true grassroots draft movement from progressives unhappy with Garrison as a candidate. Neuhardt was asked to run and is currently gauging support in the form of pledges to make a decision which way to go.

If I were advising Sharen, I’d say jump in. She shouldn’t underestimate the amount of grassroots support that is out there in the form of disgruntled Democrats unwilling to accept a Blue Dog? candidate on a statewide ticket. Whether that will translate in to money and allow her to run an effective campaign is something that she’ll have to judge, but when it comes to lining progressives behind her to fight to win she’ll have no problems.

It’ll be an uphill battle, no doubt. Jennifer Garrison – for whatever reason – appears to be one of the chosen. Sharen can win for the same exact reason that Jennifer Brunner can win. They’ll both have an army of supporters ready to do the dirty work to get them both elected. They are kindred spirits in this respect. Much more so than Brunner/Garrison. Hell, those two don’t even belong in the same sentence much less the same office.

Let’s hope the draft movement and pledges go well so we can have a real choice for Secretary of State among Democrats. Garrison is wholly unacceptable as a statewide candidate if you care about Democratic values in Ohio. 100% No-Can-Do.

*Sorry Anthony. I couldn’t resist. (Inside blog drama joke for those wondering)