Eric touched on Sharen Neuhardt being drafted for Secretary of State.

Of course, this is all rumor until we here at PB confirm it. I am comfortable stating that what Anthony is hearing is correct*. I?ll also add that I?m hearing this was a true grassroots draft movement from progressives unhappy with Garrison as a candidate. Neuhardt was asked to run and is currently gauging support in the form of pledges to make a decision which way to go.

In addition, the rumors continue to grow louder that Garrison may drop out. ?It’s time. ?Jennifer Garrison has learned, very loudly, that the Ohio Democratic Party, despite a tiny rump within it who still ain’t got the memo, will not tolerate the hateful tactics and baiting that defines Republicans. ?Not anymore. ?Blogs began that momentum, with the Bill Ritter/Mike Foley primary in 2006, and it’s only grown, as our country has grown toward acceptance and a better, more inclusive future. ?If I were Jennifer Garrison, I’d gracefully withdraw, magnanimously endorse Neuhardt, and go back to the Ohio House to build a better record with which to thoroughly erase her well-documented Republican-style horseshit. ?One photo op with Brian Rothenberg don’t cut it – that and $1.50 buys you a cup of coffee at a gay coffee house on Clifton in Ward 15. ?Who knows, Jen, you might just save the Democratic majority! ?Speaker Budish ahoy!!

And if Sharen Neuhardt gets a clear primary for SOS, I will personally nominate Chris Redfern for state chairman of the year. ?Fernsy appears to have begun to listen to his party’s base. ?ODP is sending out the word to county parties to refrain from endorsing in the US Senate race, and this will get us a good, tested candidate for the fall. ?ODP will certainly have been a part of drafting Neuhardt for SOS, if it does in fact happen. ?And through this effort, Fernsy will have insured a united party in Ohio going into 2010.

Blogs will be leading that charge, and this blogger in particular. ?After all, my primary isn’t until September!